Garden Update (4th of July Edition)

Happy 4th of July everyone!

It feels like it's been ages since I've talked about the garden. A lot of that has to do with me not taking any photos of the garden, which is my own doing because it's usually too hot in the evenings to even worry about. There's lots going on, lots of blooming and some new sprouts. Forgive me if I've talked about this in a previous post, but I did recently plant 20+ yellow watermelon seeds. Well, not recently cause I don't remember exactly when I did and if I'm being honest I'm posting this blog super late and just backdating.

Anyways, we have LOADS of tomatoes growing, but only some of the orange cherry tomatoes actually ripening up. We also have lots of different pepper varieties that are ripe for the picking and even eggplants! Yes, those tiny little plants that I rescued from Rozier's are finally getting eggplants on them, which is super exciting. Not sure how I'm gonna cook them or if I even like them anymore, but I'm excited none the less.

Our okra plants are also getting HUGE! Like I wasn't expecting them to be this tall and have such a thick stalk, but they really do look awesome. I'm not sure when they'll start getting okra, but it should be any day now.

I took all these pics Friday and then went for a walk later that evening and took several photos after I was done. It was really hot and I was kind of rushing, but I didn't manage to get a few decent photos I think. It's been so long since I've just walked around the yard and taken photos. I can't wait until the weather cools off some and I'm able to do that daily. 

Aside from gardening and photo taking, we've also started canning. We've already got several zucchini and cucumbers, so canning is a must. We plants a literal wall of cucumber and an almost equal amount of zucchini. Canned zucchini are the absolute best, at least to me, lol.

Well, it is the 4th and there's lots of BBQ to be made, so I'm going to stop for now. I hope everyone has a happy and save holiday!

Some canning aesthetic for your enjoyment. 

The pepper plant that I've been babying for months now, lol.

Two of the eggplants!! I'm SO proud of them, lol.

Kinda awkward angle, but at least you can see them.

Eggplant blossoms are beautiful - there's also a tiny bug if you want to view it large.

The beautifully blossomed cabbage.

Corn stalks.

One of the giant okra leaves.

Delicious banana peppers.

These are giant marconi. They're supposed to eventually turn red.

Orange cherry tomatoes - delish!

Several green tomatoes.

More tomato sprouts.

And tiny tomato hairs.

Some beautiful Queen Anne's Lace overlooking the lake.

I know Queen Anne's Lace is a weed, but they're a stunning weed.

Yes, this is two beetles mating.

I really wish they weren't mating because they're so beautiful, but I couldn't waste the photo-op.

I get real close to these Chrysochus Auratus beetles, aka Dogbane beetles.

Last closeup of the iridescent bettles.

An old wooden gate up the road from us.

Of course, I found a spider.

Sickening spiders.

I'm not sure if this is an ant or not, but I love this macro picture of this bug in a flower.

More Queen Anne's Lace.

More Dogbane beetles mating.

I swear it's only cause they're beautiful, lol.

Purple weeds.

And lastly, our nations flag. Happy Birthday, America!

Random Walkabout Photos

 I took these photos last week, but had already posted a blog that same day so it seemed like overkill. It was so humid and miserable last week, I'm surprised I got any photos. By the time I made it to the mail box I was completely covered in sweat and felt like I needed to rip the outer layers of my skin off.

I'm so ready for fall...

I saw a meme the other day where someone described an amazing fall day and wished that it was that time already. Then the response (which was part of the meme) was someone bitching about people basically not enjoying the season that we're in now. I'm sorry, but I'm one of those people. I always want it to be fall, even if it's just turned winter or spring - I literally always want the weather to be like it is in the fall. 

Don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow, but I also love spring when the flowers are starting to bloom and everything smells amazing. If you know me personally or know anyone that does, they will attest to the fact that as soon as spring rolls around I start wishing for fall. I know I'm not alone here, lol.

I got wayyyy sidetracked. I'll stop myself now before I got into a manic ranting episode. Hopefully you enjoy these photos that I nearly had a heatstroke getting. 

Orange cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen up! I can't wait!

Beautiful Black Eyed Susan,

There's also a bug in the center.

Black Eyed Susan's have to be some of the prettiest wildflowers.

Pretty purple weed.

Beautiful Bishop's Flower.

Bishop's Flowers are beautiful, but usually tick city.

Bishop's Flowers make for pretty photos.

Especially when you take photos from behind.

Or super tight macro shots of Bishop's flowers.

Found this tiny little green cricket.

Even though I grabbed the weed that he was on and pulled it closer, he never moved.

I'm sure he was terrified.

More of those pretty purple wildflower/weeds.

And lastly, this tiny little black beetle on a weed.

COVID Vaccine (and mental health) Update

Here I sit on a very humid Thursday afternoon, contemplating life and the many things I need to do today. I wasn't really sure I was going to blog anymore this week, but since I'm left to only my thoughts, I thought it best to write for a while as a sort of release. 

I'll start by updating you on how I feel post-vaccine. The answer? Better, much better. By late Tuesday night I was feeling good and even my headache subsided. The fatigue was gone, my headache was better (aside from my constant tension headache) and I wasn't really thinking about the shot anymore. My arm, however, was terribly sore all day Tuesday and most of the day yesterday. I have about a half-dollar sized bruise and an equally sized knot to match. It's still sore today, but nothing like the previous days. The knot has also gone down from yesterday, which is fantastic. 

Now all I have to do is get through the second shot and I'll hopefully be good to go. I'm still going to stress like crazy for the weeks (probably months or years) to follow, but hopefully this will keep me and my family safer.

I've had a rough couple months lately. I don't know why, but I have these crazy thoughts in my head that just won't go away. I keep thinking of old times, times when my gran, mom, dad and other deceased family members were still around and it really gets me down. It's like I can't comprehend the fact that they're gone and I long to have those days back. I know everyone does this, but it seems like it's getting worse the older I get. 

I also keep thinking of the future and worry about losing other people and animals. Sometimes it's worse than others and it all hits me at once. It's like I have a weighted blanket of sadness that I can't get out from under. I don't know if I'm just going through a phase or what. I think a lot of it is due to my anxiety. I've had a couple really bad anxiety attacks this year and it's detrimental to my mental health. I try to stay as positive as I can, but when you have such heavy thoughts, it's hard. 

That's enough of that, but it does help to write about it. I don't really talk to anyone about it because I don't want to bring them down. I also worry that they won't understand and think I'm being weird. Am I the only one that misses being young and naive? I think back to when I was young and how little I worried. I didn't really know about the worries of the world and was completely sheltered. I know there are adults in the world that still have that mindset, but I honestly don't know how. 

I think it's time to close this chapter for now, lol. I'm going to switch gears and talk about the beautiful full moon last night! After LaVaughn and I got back from our walk we drove down the road so that I could try and capture the moon and all its radiant glory. I was, unfortunately, in a rush and couldn't take the time I needed to capture a good image, but I did get a decent one. I so badly want a longer lens for better pics of the moon. I think I want too many lenses, lol. 

Well I guess that's all for now. I'll share a couple pictures of the mood that I took last night. I also just ran outside and took a few rando pics to add to this post.

Full moon last night.

Definitely not my best moon pics, but decent.

I totally need a longer lens.

Potatoes picked from the garden today!

Some of the beautiful begonias that I saved from Rozier's.

Pretty purple flowers.

I can't think of what they're called.