Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Far Cry Primal...

After I sewed an unbelievably gorgeous cage set today, I managed to take LOADS of new joey pics -- even of Loras! Have I mentioned that his fur is almost completely grown back in? Well it is and it looks awesome!

I took nearly 100 joey pics, so I'm only uploading a sneak preview here.

After I sewed a set for someone yesterday (I didn't even take a picture of it), LaVaughn and I went to town and picked up a just released copy of FAR CRY PRIMAL!! Omg, it's awesome! So much more fun that Far Cry 4. LaVaughn is far more into the game than I am, which is weird, because she never plays. She played a bunch last night and has been playing for the last hour.

We also finally found binder clips for the rat cage liners. Now we'll only have to use one large piece of fleece instead of sewing a pillow cover and basically wasting half of the fleece. I'm super excited.

I guess that's all for now. I probably wont be blogging tomorrow -- I have 2 - 7 piece cage sets to sew that someone ordered earlier. Hopefully I can talk LaVaughn into helping me. It'll nearly cut my sewing time in half! Until then...

Love & Peace






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