Sunday, March 20, 2016

Countdown to The Walking Dead...

I thought I would take a minute to update a bit while I'm waiting on tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. SPOILER!!! Denise dies tonight and she gets Abraham's comic book death. That is all.

Lets see, Friday at work was so sloooow! Oh man, there was like no one after 5:00, which I loved. I was also able to get like 6 copies of the paper while I was there. Why, you ask? Well because my gorgeous Milla is in the Mountain Echo Cutest Critter Contest!! We're sending in votes in basically everyone's name in hopes that she wins.

Friday night Bonnie informed me that I would be closing by myself Saturday night, which I did. Friday's close went well, so I wasn't too worried about it. I honestly think I did pretty good. I'm actually looking forward to more days of closing alone.

Today has been pretty boring. I cut out a cage set today that I'm going to sew tomorrow. I didn't feel like sewing today. I almost did, but I decided against it. I'll save that for tomorrow and the next day.

Well I guess that's all. The Walking Dead is drawing nigh, time for last minute coffee!

Love & Peace


Pictures from Friday:

Una acts like she doesn't know who I am sometimes.

Zoe just wants treats.

There's Milla's gorgeous face!

Pictures from Saturday:

Cat yawn! So cute!

Pictures from today:

Our fancy top coat polishes arrived today!

The cage set I'm sewing tomorrow.

Some face pictures of Max.

He's pretty cute for a lab/boxer mix. :)

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