Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Going out of business...

For those of you in the lower US states, you've probably been to, or at least heard about Hastings, the entertainment store. LaVaughn and I have been shopping at Hastings for over 15 years. No, we don't go all the time, but we've always had the options. I'm extremely sadden to announce that they're going out of business.

Naturally, when any company goes out of business, they have a big "Going out of business!" sale. Luckily for us, we've been able to take advantage of their sales a couple times now.

Aside from a few movies and some Sons of Anarchy pics that won't be pictured, we managed to grab the ONLY Game of Thrones Night's Watch pledge. This is what I've wanted for months, but there was NO way I was going to pay $25 for it. Since everything was 40% off, we got it for the semi-low price of $14 -- score!


Night's Watch Pledge - Amazing!

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