Friday, September 23, 2016

Regina & Zelena

So, it's not normal for me to be blogging on a work night, but I wanted to share Ginny and Norman's newest additions with you all!

They have a standard girl (Regina) and what appears to be a white mosaic (Zelena). I'm talking with a fellow breeder to figure out her color, because I'm stumped! There's no way this pair can produce leucistics, so this joey almost has to be a white mosaic.

What's even more exciting is we have NEVER had a white mosaic before, ever! This is a first time thing for us and I couldn't be happier if that's what she years. Years ago I used to dream of one day producing a white mosaic, but it never happened. We've always had darker gliders, so all of their joeys would be nearly as dark as them.

I cannot wait to see what this girl looks like when she's colored up more!

Here's Regina:

And Zelena:

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