Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When the weather outside is opposite of frightful...

So, the weather today is pure perfection. This is my ideal day; mostly sunny, low 70s, a mild breeze -- it's just perfect. So to take advantage of the perfect day, we say outside for the longest time, soaking up the sun and chatting with family. Nothing special took place, just a merry gathering of sorts.

It's rare that we all get to sit and do nothing for a while. It seems like everyone is moving at a fast pace all the time anymore, which is sad. We need more slow days. Days with less worry, days to just relax and enjoy.

I especially enjoyed yesterday, I got another POP! in the mail! I was able to buy burning walker from someone on the POP! Facebook group for $13 shipped!! He's worth like $16 without shipping, so you can imagine my excitement. No one else gets it, so it's something I enjoy on my own. Even my one "friend" I met in the POP! group is weird. He's just like "meh" every time I show him something. He likes to boast, so nothing I have is worth anything. Little does he know I could give two shits about the price of my POPS!, I collect to collect, not to make money.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures below...

My amazing burning walker POP!

My beautiful Zoe:

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