Friday, July 4, 2008

Our own personal pet store...

Yes it's true, we have loads of animals, 13 to be exact. 2 of the animals aren't like really ours, but we claim them. And here they are...

This is our biggest dog Milla.

This is our oldest dog, Fletcher. He's really not ours, but we claim him anyway.

This is our youngest dog, Carly.

This is Hollis, the cutest hamster in the world.

This is our rabbit Lorelai.

This is our first ferret, Juno.

This is Luda, our newest.

Not Pictured:

Zoe (our inside cat)

Gus (my aunt's cat)

Veronica (our new outside cat, she also came with a kitten)

Lilly (our other new outside cat and also Veronica's kitten)

and last but not least...

Janis & Bobby (our 2 new finches whom we haven't photographed yet)

Well I think that's about all of them, for now anyway, lol. - Megan

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