Saturday, July 5, 2008

A wet-n-wild 4th, well not so wild...

Well the ever so popular 4Th of July started out with a wet and windy morning. We didn't think that it would get any better until around noon or so. Well we hadn't planned on having a big anything. Just a BBQ and like 7 people or so. Well our uncle was supposed to come around 5:00 and start cooking. Well when he didn't show up my aunt had to do all the BBQing. So me, LaVaughn, my little brother and my aunt all sat and waited on my uncle, his wife and one of their friends and their friends kid to get there. While my aunt BBQ, me, LaVaughn and Jake passed the time listening to a couple CD's I had made earlier that day. Well the rest of the people finally got there around 6:30, a little too late if you ask me. But all was well other than the fact that their friend (a closet crack head) wouldn't watch her kid at ALL. LaVaughn and I were freaking out the whole time. I mean come on, you cannot let a 1 year old run wild in the yards. Well after we all ate, they only stayed for about 5 minutes or so and then left. But right before they did, their friend came back in and had one of my aunts glasses in her hand. So I said nicely, "I'll take it for you." And she replied, "Are you sure?" And I was like "Yea.", but then she just stood there and stared at me for like 10 seconds and was like "I got it." So I just walked in the living room and tried not to laugh. Well that pretty much concludes our pretty boring 4Th. Well here are a few of my favorite pics from the day. - Megan

The drink of choice.

The wonderful cook for the evening

Some of the food we had.

My little brother, Jake.

A nice little pic of Fletcher.

A nice face shot of Sharon.

The man that should have been the cook, Jerry.

Me and Jake.

A nice little flower shot I took on the way home.

One very excited pooch. She loves us most when we've been away from here for more than an hour.

Not Pictured:

Lolita (Jerry's wife)
Kim (Jerry & Lolita's friend)
Kyle (Kim's 1 yr old son)

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