Friday, December 6, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it stop!!

Well, we got the freezing rain and sleet that they called for yesterday, then it started snowing. It covered up all of the ice with a nice white blanket of beautiful, fluffy snow. It powdered down like someone was sprinkling it out of a salt shaker. This went on all evening, all nights, and guess what? It's still coming down today! It's getting to the point where it wont stop!

My aunt said she measured it a little while ago and we were at 8 inches already! Yes, 8 inches!! I don't think it'll stop before we hit 12, but who knows.

I called work a little while ago and talked to Cassie about everything. Luckily, she was beyond cool with it and reassured me that she knew where I lived and knew I couldn't get out. Major relief! I figured I would have had a fight on my hands. Apparently not.

So, our tablets arrived yesterday and they were as expected... awesome!! LaVaughn and I played with them ALL day! I guess you now know why I didn't blog yesterday, lol. They're a little laggy at times, but overall, awesome. It's so sad because I already want to upgrade to one with a faster processor speed. I'm pathetic.

LaVaughn and I totally treat bombed the gliders last night at like 2 in the morning. It's Sadie's fault, she was up barking continuously for no apparent reason. Of course, I thought something was wrong with her and had to go check on her, which led to her getting her face stuffed with treats. Then of course, everyone else had to have treats, which lead to the treat bomb.

So random, lol.

Anyways, I honestly can't think of anything else to blog about. The past couple days have been lazy snow days with absolutely nothing to do. Well, other than play with our tablets, of course. ;) Until next time...

Love & Peace


The un-boxing of our tablets:

Snow geese on the lake:

Check out the snow fall from last night:

And then today:

Look how thick that is!!

We're doomed and never getting out...

It looks like a blizzard. Oh wait, it kind of is.

Look at the amount of snow on the house!!

Those are just creepy.

Spooky tree...

And now for some random pictures of Paxton:

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