Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guitar Hero: World Tour…

Hey again. Last night we were discussing the song list for GH: World Tour and realized, that game would be so awesome to play. So, we figured we should go get it. Well, I called the store and asked how much the GH bundle was for 360. The lady said that it was $179. So we hopped in the car and went on our way. Well we got there and went straight to the electronics and started looking. But all we saw was a bundle for a PS3. So I decided to ask someone if they had it. Well I asked this lady and she said that she thought they did, but she wasn’t sure. So she asked one of the stock guys if they had one. He said yea, that they were in the back. So we fallowed him to the back door and waited. After about 5 minutes or so, the lady came back out and was like, “Sorry, we don’t have one. All we have is for PS3.” Well, we were totally bummed, but still determined to get it. So, we were both cool with the thought of driving to the next town over. Which by they way is Poplar Bluff. Well, about halfway there LaVaughn decided to call Hastings and ask if they had one. And I figured I could go ahead and call Game Stop. I got to talk to someone before she did and the guy informed me that they were out as well. So then LaVaughn asked them and they said they only had one. But by the time she was hanging up I was asking the fine people at Wal*Mart if they had one, and they did. So we finished our long but fun journey to retrieve our heavenly game. Well, we had to stop at the ever so faithful ATM again and retrieve a little more money. And while we were stopped there we heard some people yelling in the background. They sounded oddly like someone off of the Hills Have Eyes. So we hurried up and left. Well we got our game and some Taco Bell and headed home. When we got home we ran in and ate and then cleaned our gaming space up a little. We moved stuff around to give ourselves the ultimate gaming experience and very stage like appearance. And it was so worth it. The game rocks! It totally blew Rock Band out of the water. We got and awesome wireless guitar with a beautiful sunburst finish and a kick ass wireless drum set. The drums are so much cooler than Rock Band drums. I’m in awe over the two awesome symbols. And to top it off, it has a drumstick holder. Yea, badass. And the song list is amazing. I mean, it anything from Love Me Two Times to Crazy Train. I seriously can’t believe it. Now, the only thing you need to invest in is a mic stand. Believe me, it would be so much batter than trying to make your own, like us. We use these really long stick looking things. I think we have a picture of our homemade mic stand in our myspace gallery. Not too sure though. But anyway, if you like music games at all, you’ll love this one. I would give it a 9/10. So peace out and rock hard.

- Megan

Song of the day: Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix

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