Friday, November 14, 2008

Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2009…

Well, last night, me and LaVaughn went to Poplar Bluff to go see a movie. And as most of you should know, Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2009 just came out Tuesday. And to most people, that means nothing, but to us… that’s a different story. Ever since THQ started developing Smackdown! Vs Raw, we’ve been frequent buyers. But anyway, back to where I started. We were driving along and got halfway to the theater and then LaVaughn was like, “We have to get Smackdown! Vs Raw!” and of coarse, I had no objection. So, LaVaughn called Hastings and asked if they had a copy. They said yes, but they only had 3. So we drove to the closest ATM and got a little extra money out and flew to Hastings. Well, when we got there we went to the gaming station and stood in front of the 360 section staring, trying ever so hard to find what we were looking for. And after we finally spotted it, we saw that they only had 2. So we found the nearest clerk guy and had him get it for us. Well, we ran back to the car and started ripping. After we looked at it for a while we started getting more and more anxious to play. And then LaVaughn was like, “So, do you wanna go to the movie, or do you just want to go get some food and go home?” Well I had no objections to just going home. So we grabbed some Wendy’s and headed back home. We decided to eat on the was so that we could get right to it as soon as we got there. And that’s just what we did. Well, the game is pretty awesome, like always. But the only downside, you can’t do the GM mode, and that blows. But what they lack in GM mode, they make up for in Wrestlers. Like for instance, the Hardy Boys. That makes it all better. Well, if you like wrestling, really buff guys, and divas, then you should get this game. You’ll love it. And not to mention, the graphics are way better this time around. I would give it a 7.5/10.

- Megan

Song of the day: Heart Full Of Soul by The Yardbirds

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