Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A huge update...

Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated our blog. But, now I have loads to blog about. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained.

First, I have to sing the praises of Saints Row 2. It’s one of the coolest games EVER! We bought it last week sometime, and it was worth every penny. I thought the first one was awesome, but this one really blew the lid off of awesome. You can pretty much customize everything. And you can even be a girl this time. Pretty badass. But I still like being a guy. Our dude is British and looks like Miroslav from Hostel 2. He’s awesome looking. Our girl is pretty badass too. She looks like Harley Mom from Feast. A little less boyish than Bike Queen from Feast 2. I love that you can buy loads of houses and drive pretty much anything you want. One of my faves is the mini bike. It’s so awesome. We got a bunch of cheats for it, so that helps. But word of advice, if you do the money cheat, make sure that it’s the very first cheat you put in. Cause you have to go through a whole bunch of stuff on your cell phone and the money cheat being first just makes it that much easier. You’ll understand when you try it. I would have to give Saints Row 2 a 9/10.

Ok, another update on our cat situation. We figured nine cats was too much for anyone, so we decided to find loving homes for some of them. LaVaughn’s mom (my aunt) kept the little gray boy and we kept the little white one, but you knew that already. But we found someone that wanted Veronica and the tree kittens and someone that wanted Lilly. So that leaves us with Zoe (our inside cat), Mischa (the little white kitten), October (our outside cat that came here 2 months go). But that’s not all, we got another cat too. Well, this cat kind of came to us really. See, we like to drive around and take pictures of places we lived. But in this case, it was a place that my Grandma and Grandpa lived in almost 20 years ago. Is an old abandoned house in Fredericktown, anyway. Well, I was walking around taking pictures and video and LaVaughn decided to go back to the road. But then I heard her yell my name. So I looked back and saw a little baby kitten jump on her shoulder. An of coarse, I ran over there as fast as I could. Well, we help and rubbed on her for a long time. And then LaVaughn was like, I can’t leave her.” and I was like, “Are you serious?”. So, LaVaughn handed her to me and I carried her over to the car. And luckily, we keep a pet taxi in the trunk of our car, so it was no trouble getting her home in the backseat of our car with Milla sitting next to her. Well, we went to the closest store and got her a can of cat food. She was so hungry. She almost ate the whole can. And she’s a little kitten. She smaller than the kittens that Veronica had. So she had to have been born after September 11th. After she ate, we were kind of freaking out about taking her home. We were scared she belonged to someone. So we scoured the are looking for a yard that had cats. But all that got us was a guy that thought we were stalking him. He even got a camera and took a picture of our car and I think he even wrote our license plate number down. It was good stuff. Well we didn’t want him calling the cops, so I pulled up next to his house and LaVaughn got out and asked if he owned a little yellow kitten. Well he was like, “No, that cat has been coming through my fence and I have to put it on the outside everyday.” and then he was like, “Do you have it?” and LaVaughn said yea, and then he was like, “Well, it’s yours then.”. So that’s when we decided to keep her. She is so cute and sweet. She’s pretty much all yellow except on her legs, neck, and stomach. And she has brown eyes with a little green around the outside. They’re what LaVaughn likes to call, candy eyes. We decided to name her Oona. Cause she looks like the fairy Oona from the movie Legend. It fits her so well.

Well Thursday, LaVaughn was like, “I wanna get my eyebrow pierced.”. So about 7:00 Thursday night, we went to Ink Addiction in Farmington. And luckily, no one was there. Just the guy that did the piercing and his girlfriend, at least I think she was his girlfriend. The whole way up there LaVaughn kept asking me if I wanted to get anything pierced and I kept saying no. Well, when we got there it was a different story. So, LaVaughn got her right eyebrow pierced and I got the other side of my lip pierced. But instead of the dude giving us a choice in size and shape, he just gave us both 14g loops. And that sucks considering I have a 16g loop. But at least I can put a smaller loop in if I want. Better than him putting an 18g. They’re both sore, mines worse, but at least we look badass now, lol. Not that we didn’t before or anything.

Like 2 days after, she got a nice little black eye.

You can see what it looks like from far off here. Pretty nice I thought.

My lip got so swollen this time. This first time it barely puffed up.
Here's mine from far off. It'll look better when I can change the ring.

Um, we got a bunch of new movies. We went to Hastings twice in the past week. The first time we got The Watcher with Keanu Reeves. It’s kind of like a cop drama type. Pretty good if you’re in the mood for something like that. I would give it a 7/10. And we also got The Crucible. It about the Salem witch trials. It has Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. This is a really good movie. I would give it a 7.5/19. And the day we got Oona, we got Bobby. That was another really good movie. It has loads of people in it. Anyone from Demi Moore to Freddy Rodriguez to Shia LaBeouf. I would give it a 7.5/10. The second time we kind of went crazy. We really only went there to get one movie, A Walk In The Clouds. So when we got there, we went to the music section first to look at the body jewelry. Well, before we left that section we found a pot leaf air freshener for the car. It was only 3.00, so why not right. Well, we made our way to the DVD section to find the movie. We found it and then decided to go look at the horror section for a little bit… wrong! We should never be allowed anywhere near that section ever again. Well naturally, we went a little nuts. See, we though that DVDs in general was our weakness, but no. Zombie movies are our weakness. We found so many, like: Night of the Living Dead 3D, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Flight of the Living Dead, King of the Zombies/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and for the non-zombie movies: Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Blob. And by the time we were done looking around, we had put back the movie we came for and the air freshener, lol. It was good stuff. Then like the day after that, we got The Strangers. Didn’t really care for that one though. I would give it a 5/10.

Lets see, what else? Oh, we got these cute little black Phillips Mp3 players. They’re both 2g and so cute. They also store like hundreds of pictures and video. And can you believe they were only $50 each? I know, it was a steal. And we also got a pair of Phillips surround sound headphones. They were a little pricey, like $15 each. But they are so awesome. If you turn the volume all the way up on them, you can’t hear anything else. And last but ton least, we got a pink iHome Mp3 speaker dock. It’s really awesome. You can take it anywhere. We take it in the car mostly.

Well, I guess that concludes today’s session, lol. Until next time. Rock on!

- Megan

Song of the day: The Joker by Steve Miller Band
Today is LaVaughn’s Birthday. So, Happy Birthday LaVaughn!!

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