Friday, August 1, 2008

The good, the bad and the... misunderstanding?

Well first, just let me say it has been a very busy last couple of weeks. That's why I haven't been blogging. So, I guess I'm going to start with the bad. It's actually very, very sad news, our rabbit Lorelai died... She got sick overnight and that was it. We have no idea what happened to her. She was the coolest rabbit in the world. She will be very deeply missed... Well a couple days after that happened, my mom and little brother showed up. Which was a huge surprise. And, they brought their little dog Clapton. He is such a doll. And he loves us so much. Well, they stayed the night and the next day. That was pretty much it with them though. Ok, well for the misunderstanding, we just found out that our "girl" ferret Juno, is actually a boy! We were so shocked. Because here lately, we noticed that Juno was like way bigger than Luda. And we figured that Luda should be about the same size, considering that she's only like 3 weeks younger than Juno. So one day, we was doing a little comparing and noticed that their stuff wasn't the same. The stupid people at PetsWay really need to find a new ferret lady. Damn you Houston! Cause see, when you get a Marshall ferret, you get a free birth certificate. But you have to send it in within 30 days. So we did just that. Except it says he's a girl and his name is Juno. Well, when we were up at PetsWay a couple days ago, we told one of the workers about it and they gave us another paper for a free birth certificate. So that was awesome. Oh, we named him Ben. It fits very well. Ok, for the good news, we got a new puppy. She's a chihuahua. We got papers on her and everything. She also has a microchip. So if we ever loose her, that'll help track her down. We got her from PetsWay on the 28th, and she had just turned 4 months. She was also a little on the pricey side. They totally overcharge for their dogs in there. But I guess she makes up for it in cuteness. We haven't really thought of a name for her yet, but we were thinking something like: Penny, Keely, Pepper, Dot or Paige. But without a doubt, it wont be any of those. And to top the week off, I got a hair cut. But it's a little shorter than what I wanted. But on the bright side, it'll grow back. Well I guess that's about everything. I'll add some pictures from the last couple weeks at the bottom. - Megan

John Rambo in a ranger grave...

Mom and Jake's dog, Clapton. We put that little hoodie on him.

Jake in his Motley Crue shirt. He got it at the Motley Crue Concert in STL over the weekend.

This is like the only picture of Mom that I got to take.

A nice little smug picture of Jake.

I love the face Milla is making in this picture, lol.

Ben and Luda in Zoe's cat tree.

Our new chihuahua puppy.

She has big crazy eyes, lol.

She's very small still.

Here a new picture of me with my short ass hair. You can see how short it is on the side, lol.

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