Monday, August 25, 2008

Megan & LaVaughn go to White Castle...

Yes, it’s true. We went to White Castle. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Well, most of it was, but anyway, Saturday afternoon we both decided that we wanted to go to White Castle Sunday. So after a nice long discussion, we decided to go early Sunday morning. And we’re also in this really weird sleeping habit, so we like go to bed at like 2:30 pm and get up about 11:00 pm or midnight. It’s weird, but anyway. We got up about midnight, maybe a little before and ate a cheese sandwich. We didn’t want to eat anything big cause we were saving our hunger for WC. So we looked up some DVDs until about 3 or so then downloaded some music then about 4:15, we decided to leave. And like 5 minutes after we left, I was like. “Dude, I forgot my cell phone and yours is dead.“ But neither of us wanted to go all the way back for a cell phone, that’s what they make pay phones, am I right? Well, we got to the next town over and the entire town was dead. And we were going on about a quarter tank of gas. And there are only like 3 gas stations in the entire town and none of which were open. So we circled the place about 3 times and couldn’t find any other place that had gas. So we figured our car would make it about 20 more miles, so we went on our way. Well we got about 5 miles out of Farmington and found a 24/7 gas station. So we got gas and finished our long journey to WC. When we got there, they had just opened so we were their first customers. They’re not a 24/7 WC like up in Cherry Hill (referral to Harold & Kumar) they open at 6 in the am. So we pulled up and ordered: a crave case (half with cheese), a number 4 sack meal, which has: 20 sliders with little itty bitty grilled onions and 4 fries and to top it off, 2 large cokes. The guy told us it would be about 10 minutes or so and asked us if we had time. Seriously, who doesn’t have time for WC? So he went on his merry way and started cooking. And all this glorious meal cost us was, $40! That was so cheap. And totally worth it. So after we got our food, we started our long journey home. Well we got like 15 miles from our house and seen this dude parked on the side of the road. As we passed it looked like he was dead. And I was like. “Dude, was he dead?” and she was like, “I don’t know, maybe we should go back.” So we did. Well, we pulled in next to him and was looking in his window, which by the way was rolled down, and LaVaughn yelled, “Is he dead?” and about that time he raised his head and looked over at us. And I was like, “He’s not dead!” so we flew out of there really fast. Oh, it was good stuff. The dude probably thought we were gonna murder him. Well that pretty much concludes our trip to White Castle. You and one of your friends should go make your own White Castle story. It’ll be totally worth it. - Megan

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