Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo and movie updates...

Yea, the last two blogs were a lot of yapping. It's time for movies and pictures. Well first I'll start by talking about the new movie, Prom Night. Well, on a scale from 1-10, one being not extreme and ten being extremely extreme, I'd give it a 4/10. Dude, I could barely keep myself awake through this boring ass movie. Well first, the acting wasn't very good and second, the plot was so gay. They really didn't try very hard on this movie. So if you want a good horror movie, for the love of god, don't waste your money on this. Ok, now for some pictures. As usual, they'll be posted below. So rock on! - Megan

A kind of blurry shot of John Rambo.

Another Nice shot of him. He's starting to get a lot of black through his hair. This was taken about 3 weeks ago. He has way more black on himself now.

A before shot of the tiny croissants.

An after shot. They were very yummy.

Ginger being held by me in a Bjorn.

An awesome looking picture of Hollis, lol.

A very cartoonish looking picture of Milla.

Yea, she's got huge eyes...

One of my absolute favorite pictures of Milla.

One of my absolute favorite pictures of Ginger.

An awesome Pepsi can.

LaVaughn being very unsocial.

Ben attacking Ginger. They LOVE to play together.

Luda doesn't like Ginger too much.

A very long picture of Ben.

A semi-long picture of Luda.

LaVaughn holding Ben and Luda. A truly great picture, lol.

A very classy Pepsi can. The umbrella says it all, lol.

Ginger sleeping on Milla. She loves being around Milla as much as possible.

A pic of LaVaughn's new rosary. I have one that looks just like that. We got them today from St. Catherine's Catholic church in town. They were made in Italy. How awesome is that. And they were only $8 each. Totally worth it. They're way prettier than our other ones...

My hair's a little longer now. It was SO short at first.

Jake's new hair cut. It hardly looks like the same kid. This was just taken today. Very handsome.

Here's a nice before and after shot for you. Just to remind you of how long his hair really was.

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