Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More fun time in Poplar Bluff...

Yes, it's true, we went to PB again yesterday. We hit up our usual, Pets-R-Us, Hasting's and Walmart. No PetsWay this time, some of the new staff is a little too snotty for our taste.

Anyway, we started our day off at PRU (that's Pets-R-Us for future reference). Not too much going on there, like always. They had their normal animals and what not. We only go there to look at the puppies and grab some mealworms (100 for only $2.99). I usually take picture when we go, but I just didn't feel like it today, so I took video instead. Nothing too importing, just a bunch of yapping dogs.

After that, we headed to Hasting's. They still had their "Buy 2 Get 2 for $2" deal going on, so we took advantage. We got:

Date Night
Clash Of The Titans
The Blind Side
From Paris With Love
Percy Jackson
Band Slam
The Hills Run Red

Not the best selection we've ever got, but they're all pretty good. Anyway, as I stated above, they supposedly had a 2fer deal going on. Well, when we both got to the check out, they ended up only giving us one for $1. Isn't that a load of shit? Part of me wanted to take them back in, but we didn't.

After that, we headed for Walmart to do a little clothes shopping. And man am I glad we did. We hit the mother load of T-Shirts, we got 7 all together. I was going to take a picture of them all so you could see what they looked like, but I never really got around to doing that. So for now, I'll just share what I can remember. One was an awesome Grateful Dead shirt, one was a Zeppelin shirt, one was a Guns N' Roses shirt and another was a Mountain Dew shirt. Killer find, man! The other ones are equally awesome, but I can't remember what they say. Aside from the awesome T's, we got a couple new pairs of pants, some bras and some underwear. It was a pretty nice shopping spree.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed my rantings, lol. Don't forget to check out the pics and videos below. Peace!


Song of the day: Rock Of Ages by Def Leppard

 Some deer at the park.

 They don't even care if people are on top of them.

We didn't get to take too many pictures, there were people behind us.

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