Thursday, September 30, 2010

Xbox Live Anyone?

Night before last, we decided to mess around with our Xbox and see how Xbox Live was. Well, after about an hour of hard working and trying to subscribe, we finally got everything set up. So... it's official, we're on Xbox Live. Woop woop! If you'd like, you can add us. Our gamertag is Machete Girls. I know, bad ass right?

Anyway, we were planing on going to PB yesterday, but I was kind of sick, so we passed. Then we decided to hit up Walmart and grab a few things. Well, since we're Xbox Live people now, we decided to get a couple headsets. At the time, we thought we could use both, but when we got home we realised that you can only use one. Bummer! Anyone want to buy a practically brand new headset?

Anyway, I'm hideously sick right now, so I think that's all. Peace!


Song of the day: Dancing On Our Graves by The Cave Singers

 Just a scenic view place outside of Piedmont.

 And another one. LaVaughn took these BTW.

 Yeah, she looks like a demon here.

 And this, my friend, is a Shilling. I just found it in my wallet one day.

And this is one of our new Xbox headsets. Pretty awesome as well.

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