Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ser Loras of the house Tyrell...

Hello again. I have a bit of good news to share -- all of our joeys have officially found homes!! I'm so unbelievably happy! We did take a pretty decent sized price drop with Dale, but his new mom seems like the perfect home, which outweighs all the money he's worth. Of course, none of these homes are set in stone until they're actually picked up/shipping, but we do have deposits on all 3 joeys.

Speaking of joeys, Charli and Tyler's little boy detached on the 1st. He's a gorgeous ringtail boy that weighed 13 grams! He's up to 14 today, which is good. I'm super nervous with this boy, considering, but he seems to be nursing well (knock wood).

I got my W-2s from work yesterday and filed the majority of them on my way home. My return is slightly smaller than last year, but still a decent haul. My house got majorly cut towards the end of last year, which really hurt my 2015 gross. Now what to spend it on! :D

I've been sewing basically every day that I'm not working or out of town. I sewed a set Monday that I sold over the weekend. I was lucky enough to get off early yesterday, so I had plenty of time to cut out a cage set and 4 pouches that someone ordered. I sewed a huge set today that took forever to get done! Thankfully it sold, so my time and effort paid off. I'm really short on fleece now -- I only have two different prints left and some scrap from the fleece I bought weeks ago. Time to order more!

LaVaughn and I just got back from town not too long ago. I got take-out Chinese for everyone. It's been unbelievably long since we've had Chinese, I love it. We also stopped by Redbox and picked up The Last Witch Hunter -- we're actually getting ready to watch that now!

Well, I guess I should end it there. Until next time...

Love & Peace

Pictures from the past couple days:

Love this boy!

Did I mention that Jasper and Mason came home? Well they did. Toby is still MIA, unfortunately.

This girl is so unbelievably sweet.

Here's Charli and Tyler's newest joey, Loras!

The set I sewed today:

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