Friday, August 2, 2013

When you're feeling blue...

You remember the little kittens the Lucy had? The ones that have lived UNDER our house for 5 weeks? Well, the little boy that's super friendly, Toby, is really sick. He has some type of upper respiratory infection. We though it was just the sniffles for the first couple days, but it's progressed and got much worse.

As soon as I woke up today, I called the vet and got him an appointment for 4PM. I'm SO happy that our new vet clinic isn't overran with people. You can rarely ever get an appointment at the other vets office.

When we got there, we got called back about 10 minutes later and even got our glider vet, Dr. Jones. She's so beyond awesome, by the way. She looked him over, took his temperature, and confirmed that he had an infection, which we already knew. She prescribed him some very strong antibiotics for two weeks and sent us on our way.

And since our glider boys are new, we decided to take them with us. As soon as we walked in the room, the vet and the vet tech we're like, "Awe, who do we have here?" we then explained that we just got them yesterday. They loved them! Even after she diagnosed Toby and got things together, the vet tech was still asking about them. She seems very, very interested in gliders.

So yeah, Toby now has some strong antibiotics and should start feeling loads better. :)

In other, less exciting news... I go back to work tomorrow. Not fun. It doesn't even feel like I've had 3 days off, considering we've done something every day that I've been off! Of well, I just work tomorrow and then I have Sunday and Monday off. It's really weird that I don't work Sunday, I work every Sunday! No clue why they cut me off that day. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I worked the grill Tuesday! It was only for like an hour, but it was still awesome! I hope I get to work back there again tomorrow!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here's sick little Toby. :(

See how bad his eyes look?

Rainy road.

More like rainy windshield.

Look at the sky! Looks like something you'd see on Potter!

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