Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Come, as you are...

Words cant express how happy I am that yesterday is done and over with! Driving all the way to Cape on 4 hours sleep is not something I would recommend. It wouldn't have been so bad if everything had happened later in the day, but oh no, it had to take place before dawn. Not really, of course.

It was so weird to see the sun in the eastern sky. This is a rare occurrence for me, like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs. Yesterday made me realize just how much I hate and despise mornings.

Anyways, the stent at the hospital was a nightmare from the moment we got there til the moment we left. When my aunt got signed in just before 10, they took her up to the pre-surgery screening room where they drew her blood. This was all done by 10, mind you, when she wasn't even supposed to be there until 10:30.

After 3 hours and 4 people getting called back before her (ones that we're in line behind her), she decided to leave. She told the receptionist that she couldn't wait any longer, so we started walking -- down a mile long hall, I might add. Then, out of nowhere, some nurse shouts, "Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Moss!" We all turned, stopped, and proceeded to walk back.

Then, for the next 10 minutes or so, the nurse explained why everything was taking so long. Saying my aunt was pissed was an understatement. I honestly can't blame her. She hadn't ate since 4 PM Monday evening and only had a couple sips of water here and there. She's a coffee drinker and smoker, both of which hadn't been in her system for well over 12 hours.. I can relate to the kind of anger she was expressing. The nurses called for her and took her back right after that (around 1 PM) and got her prepped and ready for surgery. The actual surgery still didn't take place until around 2, though.

After that all passed, it wasn't so bad. She recovered very quickly and was ready to go in no time. She barely gave the nurses a chance to check on her before she had her clothes back on, luckily they didn't fight her and just released her.

The doctor did come in and talk to us in a private room explaining how the surgery went, how the after care should be, and when she should come back... all in under 10 seconds, I might add. Talk about a fast talker, he didn't even take a breath when he (tried) explained everything.

I'm just so glad that whole ordeal is done and over with. Auntie is doing awesome today, so all is well. All is well on my end too, I finally managed to get some sleep!

I crashed on the over-sized chair around 9 for about 30 minutes, then made it all the way to 2 in the AM before dozing off for another 30 minutes. LaVaughn and I finally had to call it a night around 4 AM this morning. We were dead!

In package news, we finally got The Walking Dead season 3 in the mail yesterday. Of course, on all days. We also got our Mayday bar, again, of course. Why must good things arrive in the mail on stressful days? Anyways, we watched some of TWD last night and tried a bite of our Mayday bar.

The Walking Dead - Awesome!

Mayday Bar - Semi-Awesome!

Okay, I believe I covered everything that happened yesterday and last night. Even though it's only a little after noon, I already managed to get some new pictures of Margie. Be sure to look for those after the gazillion other pictures that I took yesterday. Until next time...

Love & Peace


The drive there:

The fountain in the foyer:

The view from the hall:

The pond, fully equipped with several ducks and geese:

Random family with their dog.

See all the ducks and geese!?

The long and creepy waiting room/hall:

LaVaughn's hair:

Aunt Sharon waiting to be called back:

More pond photos:

Flying geese:


The creepiest hallway in the hospital:

Total zombie hallway.

Our Mayday bar:

The Walking Dead season 3:

The opened Mayday bar:

Now for the iPhone photos from yesterday:

Parking garage!

How does one 'tumple' wash?

My poor auntie, pre-surgery.

The creepy hall again.

Depressing tissue box in the consult room.

Overflowing sink water. Yes, this was my doing.

My aunt, post-surgery with coffee in hand.

Her hand all bandaged up.

Her poor fingers were so swollen.

And now for Margie's outdoor photoshoot:

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