Monday, March 21, 2011

Swallow it BITCH! (80+ pictures included)

Sorry for the title, but I couldn't think of anything else. And in case you're wondering, that's a line from the ever so awesome, The Human Centipede. I think I've already covered that, though. We just got back from Fredericktown a little bit ago. We had to do some major grocery shopping and we can find more there for some reason. Anyway, sorry it's been forever and a day since my last blog. We've been majorly busy the past few days. And when we weren't, I had a horrid headache. That's really the main reason I've shied away from the computer.

Lets see, what all do I need to cover? I guess one of the most important things took place on Saturday. That's the day we took Felix and Chazz to their new home. I think I already mentioned that the lady that got Willa and Willard decided to get Felix and Chazz. It was a pretty sad day, considering, but I know it will be better in the long run. At least they will be played with on a daily basis instead of once a week, if that! That's the only thing that's got me through re-homing them. Speaking of, I need to email her and ask how they're doing.

I can't really think of anything else to write about. I've taken some pretty decent scenic pictures in the past few days. Nothing uber special, but pretty nice. Those will all be at the bottom. We've also managed to watch a couple really good movies in the past few days. I don't have my list handy, so I'll have to write about them some other time. Look for those in the very near future.

Well, sorry this blog is so daft, but I can't think of anything else to write about. I guess this will have to do for now. Not to worry, there's LOADS of pics to check out at the bottom. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: Owner Of A  Lonely Heart by Yes

Here are the pics:

Random shots of the cats:

Some random scenery:

Milla's close-up:

The Graveyard:

Una sleeping on me:

The drive to Chester and back:

Milla, being a creep:

The alleged supermoon, lol:

More scenery:

The girls:

Even more scenery:

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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