Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sew like the wind!

Since we have the rest of the week ahead of us, we decided to make the most of it by power sewing! That's all we did for like 3-4 hours straight! We sewed up all of Taylor's set, and part of another one. Bother are hers, but they're super huge and time consuming, so we only did 1 1/2 for now. We'll finish up the rest tomorrow.

After that, we sewed up yet another set! It was the remaining skull fleece that we had left over. We were originally planing on keeping it, but decided not to when we thought we could sell it. The main reason for that was because we wanted to buy The Vampire Diaries. You can find the first 3 seasons on ebay for close to $30, which isn't a bad price. Now if only it sells, we're in business! :)

It Seems like there was something else I needed to say. Hmm...

But yeah, we're trying to get all of our random sets sewn up so that we can make room for all the fleece that we'll be getting tomorrow from Joann's! I can't wait to see what it all looks like in person. It's sad that I find getting fleece in the mail so exciting. Shouldn't I be out in a bar, or partying?

Omg, I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet! We bought GTA V last night!! Since I got off work at 7, we decided to head on into town and pick it up!! I was held like 15 minutes over, of course, but I still managed to make it home by nearly 8 and into by 20 after. I think it was fate that we were supposed to get this game, because when I went back to ask the guy to get it out of the case, I saw one laying on a cart! Completely unopened and new! I just grabbed that and ran, lol.

The game is definitely awesome, but the map is completely different from the one of GTA: San Andrea. I thought it would be the same exact map, just a little bigger and updated, but it's an entirely new map! And everything is on the same chunk of land -- which I find weird, but it's still pretty awesome. And everything on the map is already open. You don't have to do missions to unlock different parts. I'm probably the only one that actually misses the fact that you have to work to open stuff. I'm a weirdo.

Anyways, so far so good. It's still new, so it's still growing on me. If it ends up not being fun, we'll just sell it on ebay and get our money back. I do miss the money, lol. New games are too damn expensive!

Oh yeah, we actually managed to clean the glider room Monday! We took all the cages down, cleaned them, cleaned the wheels, and put clean cage sets in. Yeah, we're awesome. Now if only we can do the same thing next Monday, lol. Highly unlikely, but I'm hopeful. We also managed to put Chloe and Boone's cage together. Fully equipped with a new cage set. I think it looks awesome!

Alright, I believe that's all for now. This is the most I've blogged in forever it seems. It's nice. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Chloe and Boone's new cage:

Sadie, Pip, Kira, and Logan are all double stacked now:


Some pictures of Avon:

Isn't he a cute little fat chub?

Looks just like his daddy! <3 p="">

Taylor's first cage set:

And the cage set we're (hopefully) going to sell:

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