Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hmm... what rhymes with fleece and sounds cool?

Well... we got our new fleece today!! I knew on the tracking that we would, but they weren't lying when they said it would be by the end of the day. I don't think the guy showed up until after 4! I was hoping we would get it around 2ish, maybe 3, but of course not. Anyways, it's all so awesome and matches so well this time! Last time we were horrible at picking the right color solids to go with the prints.

We managed to get the rest of Taylor set sewn up today, now that can be shipped tomorrow! It seems like it's taken forever this time to get her set out. We've just been lucky enough to get orders, we didn't have time to do hers. I feel so bad, but we're going to ship it back to her on us to make up for it.

There's a good chance that we already have some of this new fleece sold (fingers crossed!). Some girl commented on the picture of the skull set that we sewed yesterday and wanted it, but unfortunately, it was already sold. I mean, fortunate for us of course, but I felt bad for her. Anyways, I ended up showing her pictures of the fleece we got and she ended up liking the giraffe print. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she wants it!

After that, we had to jot to town to pick up a Site to Store from Walmart. We order some awesome little pen quills. We also order some beautiful black ink separate from that. They were all so cheap, like a couple bucks!

And after that, can you guess where we ate? McDonald's! You'd think we would be sick of that place by now, but oh no! Like I was telling LaVaughn, it's not like we eat from there when I work. Nine times out of ten we cook. So yeah, we ate there.. big deal! Lol.

Okay, well I suppose that's all for now. We have a big cutting day ahead of us tomorrow, so I need to go gear up for it. Who am I kidding... I'm going to play GTA. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Some pictures of the moon from early this morning:

It was very eerie!

And looked like a painting.

Don da da don! Look at all of that glorious fleece!!

My absolute favorite!!

We're cutting some of this today.

Some pictures of Avon napping in my arms:

A teeny tiny lightning bug:

And lastly, our quills:

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