Friday, September 13, 2013

Boring. boring, boring...

This has seriously been one of the laziest and least productive weeks ever! We haven't done anything, not even carried the gliders around much! I hate when we do things like this, it sucks. Honestly, if I didn't have anything better to do at this exact second, I wouldn't be blogging. And not to mention, I hate when there are big gaps between my blogs, that annoys me more.

We did do one productive thing today, we sewed a cage set! You remember the chick that got Hannibal? Well she used to order sets all the time, but hasn't in I don't know how long. Well she messaged me a couple days ago and asked if we had any pre-mades available. I told her yes -- even though it wasn't sewn, but it was cut -- and she said she would take it! It was just the one fleece that I hate, so I know we would have never used it.

I think that's why we had it cut out, we were going to give it to Chloe I believe. Who knows.

Other than that, we did absolutely nothing! Which I'm getting ready to do right now. Later!

Love & Peace


And now all I have is a couple boring pictures of a spider... fun:

How awesome... this one's sideways.

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