Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things are looking up... in a way.

Luckily, things may be on the up and up with the Paypal dispute. Apparently the chick that started the whole thing with Paypal only did it because she got pissed that someone recommended us for a cage set. Childish much? Anyways, she sent a big message explaining everything and basically said she was sorry. Well, she did, actually. So hopefully we can put this mess behind us soon!

In computer news, we finally got them both ordered! Awesome, right? Well, as much as I hate to say it, there's a catch. After I got them both ordered and calmed myself down from all the excitement, I decided to go back and check the battery life of the computers. Luckily, there's like a 6.5 hour battery life, which is awesome.

Now... wanna hear the catch? The freaking keyboards are in SPANISH!! Are you freaking kidding me!? I mean, seriously? How did I not see that when it's so clearly listed right at the TOP of the specs?? I was so pissed off and upset, I literally wanted to scream and maybe even cry a little. Who am I kidding, I think I did cry a little.

LaVaughn reassured me that the few keys that are in Spanish aren't as bad as they seem to be. The alphabet is all in English, just keys like Delete, Caps Lock, and so on are in Spanish. I can deal with that.

There is a light at the end of this dark and dreary tunnel, we have joeys that will be OOP in a matter of days!! For the first time, I actually managed to get a decent look at what Charli has been hiding. Wanna know what it is?? A ringtail girl!! The other joey is a ringtail as well, I'm just not sure what the sex is yet. I cannot wait to see what these gorgeous little joeys will look like!!

Then, on top of those joeys, we have Violet's gorgeous little boys that will be OOP even sooner than Charli's. I just wish someone would detach some soon!

So, my conclusion for the day... things can always get worse, so enjoy the little ups that you actually do get. I'm going to stop sulking about the little things, like Spanish keyboards and vengeful glider people, time to focus and appreciate what you have now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here's a little preview of Charli's joey:

Of course, a few of Charli:

A little hint of Violet's joeys:

And lastly, some of the yard fowl:

Miss Camille

Mr. Friendly



Lucy, the cat.

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