Thursday, October 10, 2013

A shave and a haircut, two bits!

Yeah, lame title. Would you expect any less from me? :) Anyways, I finally managed to get some new pictures of all the joeys today. I've been meaning too for a while now, but something always comes up. I've also been wanting to take photos of everyone else, but again, things come up. Hopefully I can manage that next week.

We sewed the remaining blue and brown cage set today and sent it off to a fate unknown. I'm really happy the lady enjoys the fleece, but boy am I going to miss it! And, of course, there's no more of that fleece anywhere. Just my luck. Oh well, hopefully someone better will come along shortly.

Aside from the blue and brown set, we also sewed up one of the brown paisley and orange sets. It looks SO awesome together!! I want to keep it too, lol. But, I guess money would be better... for now.

You remember a couple weeks back when I said we were in a pretty big Vampire Diaries kick? Well, we were in such a BIG kick that we had to buy a couple memorabilia items from the show. Nothing licensed, of course, just $2 and $5 shit from China. I mean, it looks good, but it'll probably fall apart in a couple months.

We ordered two of the locket necklaces that Rebekah's mom gave to her and, of course, a Stefan and Damon ring. Unfortunately, LaVaughn drew the short straw and got the cheaper version of Damon's ring. That's the downside with ordering online and overseas. You never know if you're really getting what's pictured! Which she didn't. It's cool though, we'll just order her one from the same place I got mine.

So now tomorrow, we're going to have 4 packages going out, 3 cage sets -- one of which is in a medium box -- and one large box of over 300 movies that we sold on ebay for a pretty penny. Now we just have to wait until ebay clears it before we actually get any of the money!

I suppose that's all for now my lovelies. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here's our WFB sugar glider joey, Kyro:

He's so cute!

He looks just like is dad here!

And now for our Ringtail Mosaic (possible Black Beauty Mosaic) sugar glider joey, Seamus:

His face is to die for!!

His markings are just a bonus.

And last, but most definitely not least, our Black Beauty sugar glider joey, Hadley:

Kira junior, lol.

Best. Picture. Ever!

Here's my Stefan ring from TVD:

LaVaughn's Damon ring from TVD:

Our Vervain necklaces:

Random scenery:

And lastly, the cage sets:

This is what we shipped:

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