Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're no angels...

We ended up selling a set out of the zombie material last night, awesome! There is a downside... one of our frequent customers gushed about how much she loved the set and how much she wanted one. Considering LaVaughn and I ordered the zombie fleece strictly for ourselves, we were hesitant to sell the remaining fleece. When I mentioned that there might not be enough left over, she was super awesome about it and said, "Well, if there's even just enough for a pouch, that would be awesome!"

Yeah, there's no way we're going to hoard fleece for ourselves that I know someone else loves more than us. So that's when I told her there was plenty for a set of her liking. I know, it's terrible, but if we ended up keeping it for ourselves, something would be wrong with it. Karma my friends, karma.

Anyway, after we sewed the original set that we started, we cut out a couple more random ones. One for ourselves and a couple small ones to sell.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. LaVaughn and I originally intended on driving to Ironton today and getting a flu shot. That thought was quickly shot down shortly after realizing that they were having their annual "flu clinic" today and tomorrow. A room full of sick people all anxiously waiting on their flu shot? Yeah, no thanks.

We actually ended up driving to Piedmont instead. Our aunt was planing on stopping by later today and asked that we pick up a box of cake mix for her if we went to the store before she did, so we did. We even treated ourselves to a 1/2 priced slush from Sonic while we were there, lol.

Anything's better than being in a room full of (sick) crazies from Ironton.

Alright, I've exhausted myself. Not really, but I am done for the day. Until next time...

Love & Peace


The scenery was far too beautiful on the way back, I just had to photograph it...

My favorite, hands down.

The Zombie Cage Set

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