Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcome to Storybrook...

Today was a very lazy day. Seems like we've had a lot of those lately, doesn't it? Normally as soon as I way up, I'm like, "We need to do this and this and this!" but I honestly didn't think that once. I was actually just looking forward to watching Not My Mama's Meals on The Cooking Channel. It's really sad, because as much as I can't stand Bobby Dean, I freaking love watching his show. I think making fun of it has a lot to do with it, haha.

Today wasn't completely wasted, though. We ended up sewing the blue and green butterfly set that one of our friends wanted. She's also the one that ordered the zombie set, but it's not even close to being done. She mainly wanted the butterfly set because it was already cut out and could be sent the next day. Anyway, so that's what we worked on.

We had also cut a set for ourselves out of the butterfly fleece, but since we found better fleece online, we decided to go ahead and try and sell it. A little while I after I posted it for sale, a lady contacted us and wanted to discuss placing an order for a couple cage sets. We showed her what fleece we had and what fleece we would be getting (I'll get to that in a second). She ended up going with the butterfly set and an owl set. We don't have the owl fleece in our possession just yet, but it will arrive soon.

Now what brings me to my next subject... fleece!! has an awesome deal on fleece right now, plus .50 flat rate shipping today only! It was just too good to pass up. We ended up spending $52 on 10 yards of fleece, 10!! That's just so freaking stellar! Some of it we're keeping for ourselves, then the rest is being sold. Two whole yards of it is going towards one set that this one chick wants. She wanted it like 2 weeks ago, but had an emergency and had to put it off. She's apparently ready now.

We're going to be busy bees next week! Those aren't our only orders, we still have another order from this week that we didn't finish, so that's first in line. Sigh...

Hey, at least we're getting orders!

Omg, I almost forgot! A couple weeks ago I signed up to win a $40 gift card from ebay. All you had to do was list something and sell it within a certain amount of time. Well, apparently we did because we had a $40 gift certificate waiting on us in our message folder!

Since LaVaughn and I were both wanting Once Upon A Time, seasons 1 & 2, we thought it would be wise to buy them. Especially since you can get BOTH seasons for $32... NEW! And since we had to spend the entire $40 in one place at one time, we had to buy something else from the seller for $8. They didn't have much, but we were able to find peel and stick printing labels for Paypal, ebay, and so on. It was seriously awesome! I feel like we need to pay it forward or something, lol.

Okay, I suppose I'll end it there. I need to go wallow is self pity over my 9 hour shift tomorrow... boo!

Until next time...

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Sleeping beauty... (aka: Zoe)

The butterfly cage set:

And lastly, the fleece we got from

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