Thursday, November 14, 2013


Since we stopped and got all the supplies needed for Christmas present wrapping, we decided to wrap some presents last night! Well, I say we, but it was mostly me. LaVaughn did name tags and handed me tape most of the time. We only wrapped the presents that go to my aunt, cause we were sick of hiding them in the glider room every time she came over. So now, we don't have to worry about it! Now tonight, we have everyone else's to do!

I've also come to the conclusion that I'm freakishly anal about wrapping presents! Seriously, my edges have to be nearly perfect. And not to mention, everything had to be as even as possible! I was never like this before! Wrapping presents and being as OCD as I am so not mesh well.

Aside from the joyous fun of present wrapping, we also managed to do some major damage in the cage set department. Not sewing, just cutting. We cut all of our crew out a brand spankin' new cage set. All with at least 6 items!

The fleece LaVaughn picked out at Joann's last night ended up being my absolute favorite fleece ever! After I got what I wanted out of it, we were able to cut out a smaller 5 piece set to sell. Not bad!

Oh wait, I lied, we did sew. We had to sew the owl set that the one chick ordered a couple days ago. I knew I was forgetting something. If it wasn't already so late, I could totally sew some more!

Oh well, we'll save that for tomorrow.

We're supposed to get a visit from family tomorrow, so we may not be doing any sewing. We do, however, have to jot into town for a while and do a bit more Christmas shopping. If our sorry ass little stores have anything, which I doubt they will. I suppose we'll see.

Okay, I believe that's all for now. Time to feed the crew...

Love & Peace


Eggs galore!!

Cage sets galore!!

How about just galore? Lol, not really, of course. Here's the cage set we sewed:

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