Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was the first time in years that my mom has been home for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be happier! It was her, her husband Bob, LaVaughn, Aunt Sharon, and Uncle Gene... all together! This is such a rare occasion, seriously. I just hope the good vibes and lovely people flow through to Christmas.

Of course, like every other year, we had Thanksgiving dinner. This should come as no surprise, our aunt has a huge dinner (for usually no more than 4 of us) every year and always cooks way too much food. That's just her, though. It was a lot nicer this year, considering there were actually more people to eat said food. Nothing exciting happened during dinner, it's the events that follow that were exciting.

And that leads me to my next subject... Black Friday! Well, technically it should be called Black Thursday, but whatevs. Believe it or not, I actually talked LaVaughn into going with me. Well, I actually think it was the $15 Walking Dead game that pushed her over the edge. Anyways, we swallowed our pride, got a couple weapons to protect ourselves, and off we went.

I knew it was going to be bad when you could see cars lined up all the way down the street from the store. My suspicions confirmed just how bad it was when we entered the actual parking lot... which was packed. We ended up having to park at the grocery store that was a couple parking lots away. That was fine with me, I knew it would be easier to make it out when we were ready to leave.

We ended up in the store around 5:10, only to find out that the 4:00 deals didn't start until 6:15!? WTF!? Since we had a good hour to wait, we decided to head back to the pet section where we could be alone. I left periodically and tried to scope things out, which was a bad mistake each and every time. Each and every isle was lined up with hundreds of people, no joke! It was a nightmare!

And every 5 minutes or so, someone would come over the intercom and say, "Remember everyone, no item in this store is worth getting hurt over. Please keep your safety, and the safety of your fellow shoppers in mind." It was hysterical!

As soon as they let the flood gates open, you could hear the swell of everyone's voices. It was scary! It was then that we decided to head out and try to make our way to the movie and video game section, which was not easy. The first things that we found were two red light bulbs for the glider room... go figure. We got stuck between a couple dozen people around the jewelry section with our stupid cart, all the while being coached by a lady behind us telling us to just slam people out of the way basically. It was funny.

We finally made it to the gift isle where we ended up ditching our cart entirely so that we would have better luck fighting through the crowds.

We then found our way back to the main isle where a couple awesome things were. Sorry, can't include what they were, considering the people we got them for could be reading. After that, I believe I shouted, "I have no idea where they are!" That's when a Walmart associate asked what we were looking, she then pointed us in the right direction.

Here's where it gets scary...

The isles that had the movies and games were smashed in the clothing section. There was maybe enough room for one row of people to walk down, but do you think that's what they did? Of course not! There were TWO rows of people smashing down each isle! We found the TV show section, but were unsuccessful in finding The Walking Dead season 3 and Supernatural season 8... boo!

That's when we made our way to the other side of the isle where the majority of the movies were. We were lucky enough to find The Lord of the Rings trilogy on blu-ray. Win! We also found a 300, Troy, and Alexander triple play on blu-ray. Among a few others, of course.

What I'm most excited about it... The Walking Dead!! While we were smashed between 2 dozen people, we were complaining that we couldn't find it because it was all the way on the other side of the isle. That's when the lady in front of us turned and said,

"What is it that you're looking for?"

We told her what we were looking for on a 360 and she shouted over to the next isle:

"The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, is it over there!?"

That's when I guy ripped one up and tossed it over to her. She then turned around and gave it to us. SO awesome, lol. It wasn't long after that, that we separated. LaVaughn stayed hidden in a rack of clothes while I journeyed back to the TV show section in hopes of finding what we were looking for. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.

In other news... we got our Puff/Pillow pouches yesterday (not sure what she calls them now)!! They're adorable!! They're a little smaller than our first 4, but not by much. Now we have a pouch for every cage!!

Okay, I believe this blog has gone on long enough. Also, I'm getting sick of writing, lol. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here's what the store looked like when one a fraction of the people got there:

Here's my Puff Pouch:

Here's LaVaughn's Puff Pouch:

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