Friday, November 8, 2013


Lets see, where to start... oh, I know! How about my horrendous cold that I STILL have!! I thought I might, possibly be getting better, since my sore throat is mainly gone, but oh no! The hits just keep on coming! Today, the stuffy nose hit me. And even though it's not here, I can feel the icy cold hands of congestion gripping the outside of my throat. It wont be long...

Since I feel so awesome today, I decided to go ahead and call work and let them know that there's a 97.7% chance that I wont make it in tomorrow. Melissa (the coolest and most awesome person to work with) was really bummed, considering she's the closer tomorrow and I'm her 10:00. But believe it or not, they didn't say I had to have a Dr's note. I was shocked! I guess cause I've worked there nearly 7 months (yes, 7!) and haven't call out sick once. Lets just hope that story doesn't change Sunday.

Even thought I felt like total crap today, I still managed to muster up enough strength to sew a couple cage sets. LaVaughn as well, of course. ;) These sets needed to go out days ago, but between work and being sick, I haven't had time.

Other than seeing the phantom geese again, nothing else really happened. It was a very unproductive day. Well, I can't say that, considering we did actually sew, so lets move that from an unproductive to a slightly productive day. Until next time...

Love & Peace


The geese and the yard:

Lilith and Harley.

The cage sets:

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