Friday, November 1, 2013

Countdown to awesomeness...

I honestly cannot believe it's November already! It seems like only yesterday it was October. Ah ha, I slay me. Seriously, that joke probably gets old, doesn't it? I believe I've used it a time or two in the past when I saw fit. Anyways, like I was saying, it's November!! That means Christmas is NEXT month!!

The only reason I'm even semi excited bout this is because we're actually having a Christmas this year. For the past, let me think... 5 years we haven't done anything! No tree, no presents, no decorations, no nothing! My aunt always has a dinner, but that's it. So other than the fact that we watch Christmas Vacation while eating Christmas dinner left overs, you would have no idea it was the holiday season in our house.

So forgive me if I bore you with talks of Christmas cheer in the coming weeks, but it's long overdue.

Now lets jump right from Christmas to a recap of... Halloween!! Wanna know what we did this time!? Nothing, absolutely nothing. We raided the store for candy Wed. night, bought a couple candy bowels (one for us, one for our auntie), and that was it. We watched part of the Ghost Adventures special -- which sucked and is nothing like Ghost Hunters -- then watched a couple Nightmare on Elm Street movies. My conclusion.. it was a night of awesomeness!

It's so weird that I'm blogging at the start of the day today. I usually wait until the end of the day so I can recap (second time I've used that word) everything that took place.

Oh yeah, we got all our fleece from today. It all looks awesome (see photos below)! I can't wait to get started on it. We have 3 sets that are sold already, so those must come first. Then after that, we're taking what we want out of it!! Woohoo, new cage sets for everyone!

Sigh... I guess I had better go take a shower. I have to go to town around 4 today, so that gives me 2 hours to shower, drink coffee, and watch a couple episodes of... Not My Mama's Meals. Woop woop!

Love & Peace


Updated to add pictures taken after this blog!

The only pictures that were taken on Halloween. And guess what they are... that phantom kitten!!!

Isn't she pretty!?

Her colors are like awesome!

And she has a freaking cute face!

Pictures taken from today:

The fire bush.

They're here!

More of the majestic bush.

The yard is so pretty.

Some gorgeous views of the sunset:

The clouds look like a Monet painting.

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