Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frohe Ostern... Yup, it's a German Easter!

Oh yes, Easter time has come again. Time to hunt eggs, eat dinner, and praise the almighty. I'm not one for numbers 1 and 3, although I have absolutely nothing against them, but I'm more of a number 2 type of girl. In more ways than one, wink wink. ;)

This year, we actually had a semi-big family get together. And by big I mean 6 people, including ourselves. Our family isn't near as close as it used to be. I can remember back when I was 14, you could barely drive down our road because of all the cars that were parked in the way.

Days have gone by since then. People have died, family members have drifted. It's just not what it used to be anymore. Sometime I find  myself longing for days of old, but most of the time I'm happy the way things are now. To be completely honest, I can barely stomach half of our family members anymore. A lot of them really began to show their true colors as they got older.

Anyways! I'm SO not taking a walk down memory lane today. In short, Easter was so so. Nothing special, nothing boring, just whatever.

Everyone ate in intervals of two, which was weird. It wasn't a big sit-down type of dinner and, of course, LaVaughn and I ate last. We ate at 3:00, which was far too early for me, so it was weird. After that, we ended up taking a couple plates of food to an elderly man that my aunt works for. He has no one to spend Easter with, so he had no dinner. It was nice, I enjoyed that.

After people dispersed, LaVaughn when for a stroll and I decided to clean cages. I got the rat cage clean and 3 glider cages. It was so nice to be able to take them outside and hose them off. Believe me, they've needed it. I hate that I didn't get the other two done, but I guess I'll get them tomorrow, since I'm off.

Well, that about sums up my Easter. Hope yours was as equally as awkward as mine. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Zoe and her precious ribbon:

Easter around the house:

This is the old man's dog. She's crazy.

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