Friday, April 18, 2014

The see the light coming through my window...

I love days where we're able to leave the windows open all day, it's no nice. There's just something so warming -- when when the wind coming in is cold -- about having the windows open. The smell of the fresh air, the warm, and sometimes cold, breeze on your face. I love it.

I'm sure that will all change in a few weeks. Soon, it'll be too hot to breath, let alone survive without the air conditioning on. Sigh... not looking forward to those days.

I took some more pictures of the joeys a little while ago. I'm really trying to keep up with their photos this time. It seems like I never took enough pictures of the last few joeys we had here, which sucks. Not only for us, but for the people that are adopting them.

Speaking of joeys, I'm really hoping Kira's new joeys do well this time around. I'm SO paranoid anymore, considering what happened last time. I worry constantly, to the point where I'm sick sometimes. Call me crazy, but that's a price I pay to be the caring animal lover that I am.

If these joeys do make it, they already have homes lined up. The lighter boy, Fili, will be going to live in Washington with his 3 older sisters. I couldn't imagine him going to a better person than Tracy! The darker little boy, Kili, will be going to live with Lynsie in Illinois.

Tracy will be getting him as a trade, either for a creme or a creme het in the future. We're doing a partial trade with Lynsie for toys, so there will be little profit for these boys, which I'm more than okay with. Good homes outweigh money like gold outweighs feathers.

Now on the other hand, I do actually hope we can make a little bit of money off of the twins. Not only will we have to pay for a trip to STL and shipping, but we also need some extra money to put towards the garage so we can finally start our renovation. Not to mention, there's this really awesome present we want to get for aunt Sharon. But, whatever happens, happens.

Oh yeah, I've talked with Taylor a lot the past couple days and she's for sure getting out of gliders. It breaks my heart, but it's going to happen no matter what. Plus, she has her reasons for it. We'll probably meet next week and get the boys then.

And on that note, I'm out. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Una being, well, Una:

She loves to look out the window.

Fiona's outdoor portraits:

Declan's outdoor portraits:

Neal's outdoor portraits:

The joeys all together:

Milla and the cats:

Apparently I got too close to her.

Bart is so sleepy.

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