Monday, April 21, 2014

What a day, what a day...

Today has been one excitement after the other. Well, in some ways, not so exciting. We started off by trimming ALL of the gliders' nails, even the joeys. I was shocked at what little time it actually took. Normally, we're in there for a little over an hour, but we do have 10+ gliders to trim.

We even took time out to take the new joeys outside for photos. Normally when photos are involved, it takes us close to 2 hours to finish everyone up. That's probably my fault. Actually, it is my fault. I'm too particular when it comes to photos. I have to have (close to) the same amount of photos of everyone, at least one has to be looking at the camera, and they can't be blurry. See, particular.

We were going to finish up the pressure cleaning of the cages, but it's been colder, windy, and sprinkling rain today. Not the best weather to clean cages in, not to mention I don't want to get sick. So that will be postponed until Wed., when I have no work.

LaVaughn and I both came to the conclusion that we hadn't seen our cat, Lili (the wild pregnant one), since yesterday. It's not like her to not eat in the mornings, or hang around the house in the afternoon. We both agreed that it was time to search for her kittens, and search we did indeed!

It didn't take long to find where she was hiding, considering she hangs around the boat like a kid around a candy store, so that was the first place we looked. Low and behold, she was there! Nursing 6 beautiful little kittens, all of different colors.

There are 2 calico, 2 gray stripped, 1 yellow one, and 1 solid black one. They vary in sex, none of which I'm certain of. They're so adorably sweet and small, it makes me nauseous. Since mom was is worry mode, we decided to hold them and leave them be.

After we thought about it for a while, we decided to make them a nice little hut to keep them warm and safe from the elements. We even put their hut in the boat, where she could easily find them. Unfortunately, that didn't go as planned and ended up spooking her. Not long after, we had to return the kittens back to where they originally slumbered. We did manage to put them in a very short box on a bed of hay and fleece. It's not the best, but at least they're not on the hard and dirty boat bottom.

Well, maybe it wasn't one thing after the other, but there was a lot of excitement to be had today. I'm sure my day will be equally exciting tomorrow, but what day of working at the fast food giant isn't exciting? Until next time...

Love & Peace


Seamus before his nail trim:

He's such a chubby boy.

Fili, our white tailed boy:

He's just so damn cute!

And what a tail!

Is this not the cutest pose!?

Kili, our ringtail boy:

He has quite a tail himself!

And a cute, albeit grumpy face to boot!

Charli, being her laid-back self, nipple showing and all:

Hey, at least now you can say you've seen sugar glider nipples before.

And last, but most definitely not least, the kittens:

Wait a second, they weren't last! Here's Mr. Bart, and his condescending looks:

Some yard photography:

Such a beautiful down feather.

I love the curls on the dandelion.

And lastly, the kittens in their short term home:

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