A toast to the Roaring 20s (and a Christmas recap)

     Can you believe we're in the beginning of a new decade? It's one of those things when you're like, "Is it really 2020 already?" When you were born in the 1980's, like myself, going in to the 20's is one of those things that make you feel all kinds of old, lol. Not saying I'm "old" per se, but I will be turning 40 in this decade. Time to insert the bulgy eyed emoji and crying emoji, lol. It'll be late, late 20's, thankfully.

     Anyways, I'm sure everyone is talking about the 20's and what the next decade holds, but I'm over here reminiscing about what happened 10 years ago and where I was in life. Then I go back even further to happy times that make me sad. Too many good memories that leave me feeling sad and depressed about what once was. I'm not going to go there, though, I'm here to give a small Christmas recap with some of the very few pictures that I took.

     I wasn't blogging this time last year, so I didn't get to share any of the drama that took place. I'm not going into details, but there was a certain someone that basically ruined Christmas last year for everyone involved, so the fact that this year was uneventful was a blessing. I did have a horrible anxiety attack before bed on Christmas Eve that carried over into the next day, which sucked. At least it wasn't family drama and thankfully my anxiety eased up in the late evening on Christmas.

     Well I guess I'm going to share some pics now and stop blabbing. LaVaughn and I have been in Perryville all day visiting my moms, Jeff and Jake, so I'm tired and ready to watch some TV. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years!