I’m back… with a vengeance!

Not really with a vengeance, but I’m back all the same. Not sure if this will be long term yet or just temporary. It’s all up in the air right now. Anyway, there’s been loads going on lately. I guess I’ll start of with the most exciting…

I can sew now!! Not sure if that’s as exciting to you as it is to me, but I’m stoked about it! I started off making little cloth pouches, just to see if I could do it. Then I made a square hammock, which was awesome. Evan and Jonah (our rats, in case you don’t remember) were my test subjects and they approved! The square hammock I made for them the first time was a little small, so I decided to make a long hammock. And it was a hit! They sleep in it all the time. Then I made them a jumbo pouch. They like that as well, but they did start tearing it after just a couple days. Anyway, after a few practice rounds on cloth and other materials, I finally decided to make a fleece pouch. And… it turned out great! Fleece is a LOT harder to sew than what you would think, it crawls like nobodies business, lol. Since the fleece pouch, I’ve also made a square hammock and a vine. All of which are in Charlie’s cage right now. I think he likes them, but who knows. Anyway, here are some pictures of the pouches and stuff that I’ve made:

I guess the 2nd most exciting thing would be… we might be fostering a cat. I know, crazy right? We just got rid of that crazy ass kitten not too long ago and now we might be taking in another. Well, this cat is 10, spayed and probably really lazy. A girl on GliderCENTRAL is apparently getting kicked out of her house on her 18th birthday (June 6th) and doesn’t have a place to stay. Therefor, her cat and 2 ferrets don’t have a place to stay either. Luckily, someone already offered to care for her ferrets, so that just left her cat. I guess we’ll know more at the beginning of the month.

In glider news… Kira’s pregnant! I’m not just guess either, I know for sure that’s she’s packing a joey. The downside, we only saw/felt one. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have more than one stashed on one side. We’ll know more in a couple weeks. And we thought that Sadie was pregnant, considering I watched her give birth, but apparently she pulled them. That’s what she did with her very first babies. Hopefully she’ll have more IP in a couple weeks.

While we’re on the subject of sugar gliders, here are some pics of the gliders from the past couple weeks:

Lets see, what else has been going on? Oh yeah, we pretty much sold the birds. The lady that’s getting them lives pretty far away, but has a brother that lives just outside Annapolis. And apparently she’s coming down on the first of the month and said she would just pick them up then. So that’s awesome. I just hope she doesn’t fall through.

In movie news, we finally got to watch Thor. And holy shit, that movie is awesome. The whole world that Thor and his people live in kind of freaks me out, but other than that, it was awesome. It seriously makes me want to wield a hammer, lol.

In mouse news... The babies all had their eyes open and were as wild as can be. We stopped holding them so much, cause we knew we weren’t keeping them and we didn’t want them to be human friendly. And apparently deer mice (which they are) are carriers of hantavirus which is potentially deadly if not treated. So I think it’s safe to say that we were really looking forward to getting them out of the house, sooner rather than later. And that’ just what we did yesterday. And luckily, they all hid in the same place. Other than the fact that we’ll miss them, it was a good day.

While we’re on the subject of mouse, here are some pictures of them:

Milla and the cats haven’t been up to too much lately, just their same boring selves. Our dick demon dog did destroy something in the bathroom day before yesterday, which sucked. But it’s done now, so what are you going to do? Here are some pics of the cats and dog:

The same goes for Robbie and the rats. Well, Robbie can be a monster sometimes, but overall he’s a sweetie. He has this new obsession with rubbing his junk all over everything! Like he’ll go out of his way to sprawl out on something laying on the other side of the room. We call him Herbert the pervert. Anyone who watches Family Guys know all about that, lol.

Here are some pics of Robbie and the rats:

Geez, have I covered everything? I know I still have more pictures to share, but they’re mainly scenic pics. Some of which Miss LaVaughn herself took. These were all taken well over a week ago. There hasn’t really been too much scenic stuff to take pictures of lately. And not to mention, it’s either been raining or too hot.
So, here are some of the pictures that I took in the past couple weeks:

And here are some pictures that LaVaughn took:

Oh yeah, would you happen to notice anything different about this blog? Not the layout or anything, but the other stuff… see it? If you guess the pictures, then you’re right! A few days ago, I found this “Speed up your computer with these 10 easy steps!” on Yahoo. Since both mine and LaVaughn’s computers are both a little on the slow side, I thought it was something worth trying. Here are the 10 easy steps:

1) Get Rid Of The Nasties – What that means, get a virus blocker now! Microsoft Security Essentials is free and will rid your computer of the “nasties”.

2) Update Your OS – What that means, install your updates! Installing your updates keeps your PC up to date and running better and even faster.

3) Purge “Bloatware” – What that means, ditch your out of date Norton or whatever other anti-virus system you have.

4) Speed Your Start-Up – What that means, on the start menu, click and/or type in Run. When the window pops up, type in msconfig. This will bring up a screen that will list all of your start up programs. Now what you need to do is click off of all the ones you don’t use at start up, Like messengers or Adobe.

5) Defrag Your Hard Drive – I think it’s pretty obvious what that means.

6) Repair The Registry – You can download a free registry cleaner at Glary Utilities.

7) Clean Out Your Cookies – I think that one’s pretty simple.

8) Clean It, No Really! – I’m sure you know that your computer has a fan that can suck in dirt and pet her. So get yourself a can of air and blast those dust bunnies away. You can also do like we did and take your PC apart and really get in deep. But I wouldn’t advise that if you’re not familiar with it. This will also stop your computer from overheating.

9) Ditch Internet Explorer - There are many alternative browsers you can use to access the Internet. Most techies agree that Google's Chrome is the fastest option that doesn't compromise compatibility.

10) If All Else Fails – Back up your data, format your hard drive, and reinstall Windows. Keep in mind that you will need to reinstall all of your software, including office. Don't forget to install your anti-virus and anti-spyware before surfing the net!

I probably should’ve saved this for another blog, but I wanted to go ahead and get it over with. If you fallow all of these steps, you will have a faster computer. At least we do. And Google Chrome is SO much faster that IE. We even switched out email address from Yahoo to Gmail cause Yahoo was giving us too many problems.

Well kiddies, I guess that about sums it all up. I’m sure there’s a dozen things I’m leaving out. If I think of them, I’ll try to post them. So, until next time, you know where to find me…

Love & Peace


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