Welcome back my friends...

Just got back from PB and thought I would share the random pics that I took. Nothing special or anything to get excited about, just boring stuff. The drive to PB and back was rather boring and a tad on the dreary side. But after all, we are supposed to get some kind of massive winter storm in the next couple days. Personally, I don't think we'll get anything. Up North, probably, but not here.

Anyway, not too much else to say so I guess that's all. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


 See how sucky looking it was.

 It looks rainy as shit.

 Supplies needed for the drive. I've been sick going on two days now. :(

 The office.

 Looks like they were having a busy day, hehe.

 This fire was WAY bigger when we were further away. It was pretty awesome looking.

 Flower in the store.

 I like this one.

 Too blurry.

 I'm pretty sure these are lavender flowers? Not too sure, but they grow all over our yard in the spring.


 Another flower.

 And another.

 These were LaVaughn's favorites.

And lastly, glider grub. We sat down last night and cut up a shit load. I think we did enough for a week! :)

Boys just want to have fun...

As I'm sure you all know by now, we're in the beginning process of introducing the boys. So far so good, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We got them out for tent time last night to see how they all acted together. Considering they all screamed and chased each other the first time, I'd say things went way better. After about an hour of nothing, we decided to go ahead and put them back up. We both had a fairly positive feeling and decided to put Logan in with Pip and his boys to see how they did. We sat in the glider room for about 25 minutes just to make sure no one was fighting. And... no one did! They all just kind of sniffed around on Logan and left him alone. So today when I went in the glider room to check on them, I looked in one of the pouches only to find Logan and Charlie curled up in the tightest ball sleeping. I figured they would bond first, considering they used to live together.

Anyway, I'm a tad on the sick side, so looking down really doesn't help my gushing nose. Plus, we have to hit up Poplar Bluff for a little bit, so I best be on my way. Until next time, you know where to find me...

Love & Peace


Song of the day: All My Love by Zeppelin

Here are the pics:

This sexy little man is, Hannibal:

A little Carly on the side...

I got a few really cute pictures of Carly earlier and wanted  to share. Not too much else to say...

Love & Peace