Time for an upgrade...

I can't believe I didn't post about this last night, but we FINALLY got those two sets sewn up! You remember, the ones we got for ourselves like 4 a month ago? Well believe it or not, they're sewn! It's almost like we'll never sew anything unless we have to. Well, that's mostly LaVaughn's fault. She doesn't like to sew as much as I do. Unfortunately, I can't sew some of the things that she can. I mean, I can if I have to, but they don't look half as good!

I put the new sets in the gliders' cages a little bit ago and they look awesome! Everything looks so filled out now. Their older set was so puny and bare, it just always looked like there was something missing.

Speaking of cage sets... We cut out some long hammocks/bridges for the rats today. The girls are almost ready to move into their big cage. I can't wait! The cage their in now is nice, but needs to be loads bigger. The big cage has two shelves in it, but we're replacing those with fleece shelves - which we cute out today. Plastic shelves and rats do not mix! Now I just need to talk the thing into sewing with me, lol.

Aside from the awesomeness of sewing, I have something ever more exciting to talk about... Tracy got new pictures of Cas! Woop woop! I was SO stoked when I check Facebook, only to find a message from her saying she added more pictures of Castiel to her Acres ff Sugar page. Of course, I flew like the wind and saved the pictures as fast as I could. Does that make me desperate? :)

Okay, I need to go. It's snowing out and I want to see if I can nab a couple pictures...

Love & Peace


Here what the sets look like. The sets are identical, so there's no reason to take picture of both.

Here's what the sets look like in our cages:

Here's what Sadie looks like when she's being cute:

Here's what we cut out for the ratties:

And here's what a beautiful, True Platinum Mosaic looks like:

Update! Here's some snow for you! :)

Pathetic, eh?

Time for my weekly close-up...

I'm sure you're all used to posts like this by now. Posts that have 30+ pictures of our adorable sugar gliders and their adorable faces. I'm sure to most people these posts are boring, but, to me, they're almost too cute to handle.

Most of the gliders take awesome photos. They sit relatively still while eating their treats, all the while looking directly at the camera like it's there 24/7. Logan usually always takes the best pictures. No matter his mood, his pictures always turn out perfect. Well last night, that was completely opposite! I got a couple good ones, but the majority of them turned out blurry or weird.

Sadie is one that you can usually never get a really good picture of. She's always looking down, or making this horrible face and looks like a fully grown mountain troll. There's the one in a million picture where she's looking right at the camera, practically smiling.

Chloe is a hard one to take pictures of. I don't know if it's because she's really light - the camera will not focus on her - or what. The majority of her pictures turn out blurry. It's not anything she's doing, she holds perfectly still and looks directly at the camera. Like I said, I think it's because she's so light!

I really have no idea why I went into such detail about how well the gliders take photos. Who wants to read that? Oh well, nothing better to write about.

One last thing. LaVaughn and I just finished up a custom order for a lady with a Marmoset Monkey! She wanted 2 jumbo double hammocks and a long hammock. She originally wanted a Bucket as well, but decided against it. I'll add a picture of what the set looks like below.

Love & Peace






Emma & Eliza



Here's the custom cage set for her monkey.

This is just a bonus shot of the moon. Completely forgot I took this.