Mail call and cat food run...

So, lots of packages arrived today -- by lots, I mean 2. The value outweighs the volume, so to me it's a LOT! I've wanted Riot Gear Glenn for as long as I can remember. He's an exclusive, one of the most expensive ones at that. You can really find him for under $28, which is not something I was ready to pay. Well, I found a guy on the POP! Facebook group that parted with his for less than that, shipping included, as well as a POP! protector. He was one of two POPS! that arrived today.

The other was The Governor with the bloody bandage, also an exclusive. The interior of his box was completely smashed, so I contacted the seller earlier to complain. Hopefully I'll get some type of partial refund. If not I'll just send him back.

Now, since the cats hate their prescription diets and refuse anything they should have, we decided to run to Farmington and stop by Petco to stock up on some stuff that's good for them that they haven't tried. I think we got over 16 cans of food for $25, which isn't all that expensive, considering. I just hope and pray they like some of it.

So yeah, that's my day. I don't like going to Farmington, I like it even less when we go for one thing, end up grocery shopping and not getting home until 8 at night. It also doesn't help when you have a 100 pound GSD in the backseat that will not sit still the entire way there.

PX Exclusives Governor!

My absolute favorite, Riot Gear Glenn.

All our new cat food -- with Glenn peeking in the back. :)

When the weather outside is opposite of frightful...

So, the weather today is pure perfection. This is my ideal day; mostly sunny, low 70s, a mild breeze -- it's just perfect. So to take advantage of the perfect day, we say outside for the longest time, soaking up the sun and chatting with family. Nothing special took place, just a merry gathering of sorts.

It's rare that we all get to sit and do nothing for a while. It seems like everyone is moving at a fast pace all the time anymore, which is sad. We need more slow days. Days with less worry, days to just relax and enjoy.

I especially enjoyed yesterday, I got another POP! in the mail! I was able to buy burning walker from someone on the POP! Facebook group for $13 shipped!! He's worth like $16 without shipping, so you can imagine my excitement. No one else gets it, so it's something I enjoy on my own. Even my one "friend" I met in the POP! group is weird. He's just like "meh" every time I show him something. He likes to boast, so nothing I have is worth anything. Little does he know I could give two shits about the price of my POPS!, I collect to collect, not to make money.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures below...

My amazing burning walker POP!

My beautiful Zoe:

Arya & Sansa

I know, another random Sunday post work blog -- when will the madness end? I suppose when we stop having joeys come OOP on days that I work. And since my blogging is sparse anymore, I want to get a post in when I can.

So, Ellie and Oliver's joeys detached today! Yay! And like their neighbors, they also had twin GIRLS! I don't think we've ever had some many girls at the same time, we usually always have boys! They've blessed us with a gorgeous cream colored standard and another BFBB!

We've decided to name them Arya and Sansa, since we couldn't think of anything original. :)

Here's Arya:

Here's Sansa:

Regina & Zelena

So, it's not normal for me to be blogging on a work night, but I wanted to share Ginny and Norman's newest additions with you all!

They have a standard girl (Regina) and what appears to be a white mosaic (Zelena). I'm talking with a fellow breeder to figure out her color, because I'm stumped! There's no way this pair can produce leucistics, so this joey almost has to be a white mosaic.

What's even more exciting is we have NEVER had a white mosaic before, ever! This is a first time thing for us and I couldn't be happier if that's what she years. Years ago I used to dream of one day producing a white mosaic, but it never happened. We've always had darker gliders, so all of their joeys would be nearly as dark as them.

I cannot wait to see what this girl looks like when she's colored up more!

Here's Regina:

And Zelena:

Douglas & Roman

So, the lady that I thought was going to get Douglas IS, in fact, getting him. Yay! What's even more exciting is that she's adopting out other joey, Roman, as well. I love it when our joeys go together. Not to mention, these guys are related. Douglas is Roman's uncle. How cute is that? I've been slowly letting them mingle when I get them out to snuggle with them. So far so good.

Speaking of, I took some new pics of the boys today with the help of LaVaughn. She usually never has anything to do with joey pics, but I somehow didn't even have to ask twice this time. Also, you'll get to see how awesome her nails look. Remember, she got them done Monday?

Well I guess that's all for now, Just wanted to share the excitement -- and pictures!

Here's a preview of Roman's shoot:

And here's a preview of Douglas:

The reason why I hate going to the vet...

Well today was our big appointment day for the cats. Since Zoe is FIV+ and Una had high blood sugar levels last time she was at the vet, a check up was in order. And not to mention, I've noticed Zoe has been drinking a LOT of water lately. Naturally, I went into panic mode and started doing tons of research. The thing that popped in my head was kidney disease. I just kept playing that over and over until I made myself sick.

I've also been worried about how lumpy Zoe's scar was where she had her tumor removed.

Anyways, so we're at the vet, we're waiting -- anyone who has been to the vet knows what the waiting process is like. I was a nervous wreck! Ask LaVaughn. My heart was pounding, I was sick, I know my blood pressure had to be through the roof! Our appointment was for 5PM, we got there around 4:30 and ended up getting called back around 5:25ish.

The vet talked to us before she did any labs, asked us why we were there and wrote down some information. She took Una back to draw her blood first, then she brought her back for her exam. She got Zoe after that and took her back for her labs. She brought Zoe back and did an exam on her as well. Thankfully she didn't feel anything on Zoe's tummy, just lots of scar tissue from where she took so much fat.

Then the real waiting game started! It seemed like we were back there for hours! It didn't help that it was late and that there was an older couple there with 5+ cats that all had some type of URI. The vet and techs were in and out of that room up until after we left.

She came by once and told us Una's blood sugar was still high and that she wanted to run a thyroid test. Everything else of Una's was fine. About 20 minutes later -- this is around 6:25 by now, they supposedly close at 6:30 -- a lady came in with some Hill's Prescription samples of weight management dry food. I asked her if Zoe's results were back yet, then she replied "The vet will be in to discuss everything with you." My heart sank.

The vet came in a little while later and started explaining the results. She started by saying that Zoe's kidneys were showing some signs of distress. Her CRE was 3.2 and her BUN was 74. These are both too high and are signs of kidney disease. Luckily her phosphorus was good, that's great, but the other news was just as I expected. Una's thyroid was higher than it should be for her age. It was at 4.4 and the max is like 4.8. Una is only 8, so it's too high. She put her on a half of a pill once daily to (hopefully) get the numbers down.

Then she started bringing in lots of Hill's Prescription samples, plus two 4lb bags of food and canned food. She explained so much to us, I didn't even know which way was up. Luckily LaVaughn caught most of it. I'm not going to go into too much of what she said, so to make a long story short, both cats are on two diets that are polar opposites. Una needs high, high protein and low carbs, Zoe needs mild protein and low, low phosphorus. It's just like, oh my god. This food is also $24 per 4lb bag. Yikes, right? The cans are well over $1 each, but that's not as bad, considering we've been buying grain free foods, so they're all over that anyways. I'm just hoping and praying they eat this food. :(

This is why I hate going to the vet. I go there wanting to get good news, but I always expect bad news which usually it is. I'm so depressed right now. I'm sick, sad, tired and I feel like I want to hurl myself off of a cliff. I'm trying to think of the bright side, it could have been worse. It can ALWAYS be worse. Una's BS could have been higher, she could have to be in insulin immediately. She could have also been in full swing hypothyroidism. Zoe's kidneys could have been in much worse shape, she could have had another tumor. Things could have been worse, so I'm really trying to look at things that way.

In other news, we stopped at Hasting's on the way home. Everything of theirs is like 50% off now, it's insane. We got a couple True Blood POPS! for $5 each, which is a steal. The real winner is LaVaughn's Batman jacket that she got for just under FIVE dollars! I took the jacket up front and asked how much it was because it didn't have a price on it. She said they were $20, so she put a $10 price on the jacket. When we went to check out, the lady cut that price in half as well making it $5, I couldn't believe it. It was a total win.

So yeah, that's that. It's so late right now, I don't even know why I'm blogging. We didn't get out of the vets office until after 7, so it's nearly 11PM right now. I need to go. I need coffee and a xanax.

Here's a look at our new food:

And our new True Blood POPS!:

Saying goodbye to your manhood...

I called last week and scheduled an appointment for Loras to be neutered. His mom's joey is OOP now and she'll most likely be going into heat soon, so he NEEDED to be neutered as soon as possible.

LaVaughn had a nail salon appointment at the same time as his neuter, so I dropped her off and went to the vet on my own. Not fun, LaVaughn, not fun. Luckily everything went well and he's doing just fine. Hopefully next week we can get Nubbins neutered!

In POP! news, our Box Lunch Exclusive Regina arrived today. I love her!! She's quickly becoming one of my most favorite POPS! and I have a lot of favorites. Now all we need is the Hook with both hands (and a replacement Hook) and we'll have the whole set! Aside from the Comic Con Regina, but she's $200, so no thanks.

I guess that's all for now. Just a quick update on the happenings. We're off to the vet with the girls tomorrow for a check up and lab work. Wish us luck!

Here are some pics from today:

He was helping me fix my hair.

Post nail trim smiles.

Showing off his pom for the last time.

Pre-op portrait.

Post-op, Mr. drunk eyes. 

My view while waiting on LaVaughn to finish up at the salon.

And lastly, out Box Lunch Exclusive Regina!

Days gone bye...

Since it's my last day before work, I thought I would post a little update blog, since my last was so grim and depressing. Things still aren't the same without him.

Anyways, not getting into that! I took some pictures of Douglas Monday, which turned out to be quite adorable. He's a chunky little monkey that photographs oh so well. He may be going to live with a lady that was planing on adopting from us several months back. I still have her deposit from the last joey, so I'll just forward that to him if she adopts him. Here are a few pictures of him from that day:

We also got our Once Upon a Time POPS! in the mail Monday. I found the entire set online for just under $40! It was a steal! Little did I know the Captain Hook box was dented, which made them as cheap as they were, but still, it was worth it. I'll end up buying a new one before too long to replace it. Here's what they look like:

Tuesday we welcomed a new addition to our brood. Well technically he's not ours, because we most certainly cannot keep him, but we do have another joey that came OOP then! He's a minimally marked ringtail mosaic from Charli and Tyler and he is just the cutest little thing! We're naming him Roman:

While I was cleaning the car out Tuesday night, I encountered something I haven't encountered since 6th grade -- a praying mantis! I was stoked! Since I didn't want to lose sight of the little guy, I asked LaVaughn to grab the camera for me, which she did. The pictures didn't turn out as great as I wanted them to, but they're still decent. He was quite friendly and didn't fly away until I picked him up and sat him off of the car door. 

Speaking of cleaning the car, what I didn't finish Tuesday, LaVaughn and I finished Wednesday. I'm not talking just wiping everything down, we detailed everything! We wiped it down, cleaned the carpets and mats, vacuumed, cleaned the windows, washed it and even waxed it! It looks amazing! Well, see for yourself:

And as for today there's really not much of anything going on. I took some pictures of Zoe earlier, which I'll share below, but that's about it. I also have a pictures of some mums that I want to share -- took at picture Monday. 

That's all for today! 

Goodbye, old friend...

This unbelievably gorgeous and sweet boy had to be put to sleep today. My heart is breaking in two right now.

He has been a part of our family for almost 17 years. I still remember the day we got him. It was a cold December night in 1999. We had heard of a "kennel" out in the middle of nowhere that had a bunch of puppies up for adoption. What was supposed to be a kennel turned into a run down cage with over a dozen different puppies inside. All were different breeds, underweight and sickly. Fletcher stood out from the crowd and was the first puppy I picked up. There was something special about him, even then. I even surpassed my favorite breed to get him. 

It was a long road of recovery for him as he was nearly on his death bed when we got him home. We've had over 16 wonderful and happy years with this old man, but he's been suffering the last couple months and putting him to sleep was the best thing for him, even thought it was the last thing we wanted to do. Tumors had spread to his lungs, liver and his kidneys were starting to shut down. He's taken a big piece of my heart with him, but he will never be forgotten. 

I love you so much, Fletcher. I know that you're not suffering now and we couldn't ask for anything more.