I'm all about that bass...

And by bass I mean spring. How pathetic is it that I have to resort to blog titles that make absolutely no sense? What purpose does that hold? When nothing happens during the day, like nothing BIG that jumps out, I'm left with creating a title that sums up the day. Doing that is impossible for me because every blog would be titled; Cat, Sugar Glider, Pictures... Boring. See, it's just not possible.

I'm going to completely disregard everything I just said and talk about things that happened today.

My aunts poor dog, Max, has been licking his incision NON stop for days now. He's really only hurt himself more by trying to make everything better, because now he has everything inflamed and just nasty looking. He's now sporting a brand new e-collar and it sucks! Not only for him, but us as well. It's so sad seeing him mope around with giant cone on his head. He makes things worse when he tried to pick up a toy and play... I feel so bad.

He's actually handling it quite well, considering he's a simple little creature. He doesn't constantly try to get it off or anything, he just takes it. I never took him as the submissive type.

Since the weather is getting nicer and things are starting to bloom, I've found myself outside more and more. I started by following the chickens around the yard and photographing them in their state of happy, then I made my way down to my precious ducks. All 9 of them... not 11. They're so gorgeous -- I can't wait to start hatching out some ducklings!

I was limited to only 130 pictures today, which really hit me hard. Out of nowhere my memory card adapter decided to break. I'm not sure how, but the switch that locks the memory card decided to break of... in the LOCKED position! I'm screwed until a new ones arrives. Speaking of, I need to order one. Thankfully I have my old 1 GB memory card read. It's close to 8 years old and still as sturdy as it was the day I got it. Did I mention that it's a cheaper brand as well? As opposed to the Toshiba one... that broke!

I believe that's all I have to say today. I have to work tomorrow, so I need to go savor what's left of my day. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are some pictures of Max in his E-Collar:

The randomness that is my chicken flock:

Tig is still the prettiest and sweetest rooster I've ever seen.

The quack pack:

Jon is the friendliest of the hens.

She has "nosy" written all over her.

Random things from around the yard:

Of course there are cats... lots of cats:

And lastly, a few more randoms: