Happy Halloween!

I thought about making this a strictly Halloween post, but then I changed my mind. I'm too preoccupied lately and have more important things to do at the moment.

We did get a package today, though. Want to know what it was?? A shipping crate! Yes, I said it - a shipping crate!! I guess you know what that means... we're shipping the twins all the way to Washington State to be with their new mama, Tracy. She's being such a doll and helping me every step of the way. I love her. There's NO way I could have done this without her. If things go smoothly enough, we may be able to ship in the future! Maybe, lol.

In other news... Una caught a tiny, little deer mouse a little bit ago. And I mean tiny! Normally we just take them over to the graveyard and release them, but this little guy is far too small to be on his own. So I guess we'll be harboring another mouse for a few weeks. *eye roll*

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Big boxes and only two things.

The tote that the girls will be in.

The shipping crate.

Our deer mouse.

Isn't he cute?

Deer mice are SO pretty!


Such a tiny little guy.

Yoggies, yoggies, yoggies!!

That's what Kira was thinking, anyway. She definitely loves her some yoggies! Almost as much as her hubby, Logan. We were doing out rounds last night and was giving everyone a little treat. Kira decided that she could not only eat hers, but her daughters as well. She stood for the longest time with one in each hand close to her face, but by the time I got the camera in there, she stopped. I still managed to get some cute ones, though.

In today's news... we finished up a cage set for the pre-made section of our site. It's an action word cage set. It has things like POW! and BAM! on it. I think it's cute and would be great for a couple little boys.

Anyways, I suppose that's all for now.

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Kira - the yoggie lovin' sugar glider.

 She's a yoggie in each had kind of girl.

Available sugar glider cage set.

Internet blues...

Our internet connectivity has sucked ass lately. We've always has some issues with Centurytel, but it's been 10 times worse lately. On top of the internet problems, we're also having phone issues! People are able to call in (sometimes), but we're not able to call out. How stupid, man! I called them and they said they would send a tech. guy out, but so far - nothing. I suppose I'll have to call them again. *eye roll*

I also have some very upsetting and sad news to share today. My little silkie bantam rooster, Gandalf, died the other day. :( It was so beyond depressing! I've always had a special bond with him for some reason. I hate that I get so attached to animals. I would get through the day some much easier if I just didn't care.

And on that note, here are a few photos of the cats cause you know you love them...

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

Fall is in the air...

And all over the yard! Holy crap man, it's beautiful outside! The lighting, the leaves, the everything! I love fall so much, I wish it was like this year around. When the sky is clear and the sun is setting, it beams an awesome ray of light that casts itself upon the leaves and make everything this beautiful gold color. I think I took over 30 pictures of just trees and leaves today! Definitely a great photo day for me.

Aside from the stunning outdoor display of beauty, we also managed to sew a couple cage sets! They were part of a trade, so there was no profit, but sewing isn't a burden to me. They were all 5 piece sets, so it didn't take long at all. You know, I wish people would order more sets, I miss sewing.

I suppose that's all for now dearies, I should probably be on my way. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here are the photos:

 Monkey Cage Set

 Not too bad.

 Butterfly Cage Set

 Another butterfly cage set.

 Leaves all over the yard.

 Such a beautiful fall setting.

 This is my favorite fall tree!

Tress look so beautiful with the sun behind them.


Sun shining through the leaves.

 Old wooden dog house.

 Fire bush!

Fire bush again.

 Mr. Friendly trying to see himself in the window.

 Such a pretty tom turkey.

Milla has such a pretty German Shepherd profile.

 Yawning dog!

Crazy dog eyes!


Maple Leaf

Mr. Friendly looking quite handsome.

Just look at that pretty turkey body.

Turkey profile.

Beautiful little Helen.

He's the prettiest rooster around.

Just look at those tail feathers.

Helen and his ladies.