Time to remember 2015...

So, here we go again! It seems like my recap posts are getting closer and closer together. I addressed this last year -- time goes by far too fast anymore. I was able to slow down this year and really take in what good times the year had to offer. Of course, with good comes bad. Luckily the good outweighed the bad for the most part of the year. Lets take a look back and see what 2015 had to offer...
  • January didn't start off awesome. It was nearly the end of the month when we received the news that my uncle, Donald, passed away. He was in very bad health -- I honestly didn't think he would make it as long as he did. I spend my summers in Florida with this guy. He taught me how to ride a 4-wheeler and pick fruit with the best of them. I still wait for him to call out of the blue just to say hello. It's unreal that he's actually gone.
  • I don't know if this is buzz worthy, but we got a really bad snow storm in February and were literally snowed in for 2 weeks! I missed an entire 2 weeks of work, it was insane!
  • Now for one of the most heartbreaking times of the year. In late February, our sweet Sally became so ill that we had to have her put down. We still kick ourselves that we didn't do it sooner. Rat lovers, animal lovers in general, know how hard it is to let go of your furry friends.
  • This brings me to my next subject, losing our other 3 rattie girls. We had Melissa and Chelsea put down in the same day, Emilia made it a couple more months before she passed away in her cage. I can't even begin to talk about them. Losing them all was 4 separate and unbelievable heartbreaking times. It's never easy losing an animal, each one holds a very special place in my heart and each one of them always takes a piece of it when they go.
  • So far 2015 is sounding like a super depressing year. Lets talk about something GOOD for a moment. After losing our girls, we knew it wouldn't be long before we added new additions to our brood. That's where Leo and Louie come in. I don't know what it is, but it seems with each passing year and each new rat that we adopt, they get sweeter and sweeter.
  • Lets see, I guess my aunt's back surgery needs to make the list. I'm really, really close with my aunt, so you can imagine how difficult her surgery was for me. Luckily she did amazingly well and healed up in no time!
  • I guess this is something to remember, but LaVaughn and I tried sushi for the first time this year. That's something I NEVER thought we would do. Aside from it being a kind of crappy sushi bar, it was a decent first try.
  • Now for one of the most exciting things of the year... our new car! I still can't believe it sometimes, but we had a gorgeous 2011 Chevy Impala! It's been an amazing ride, one I feel so blessed to have. And come on, it's a Chevy!
  • July 1st probably stands out the MOST! LaVaughn and I traveled to Mount Pleasant, Iowa to witness our best friends, Doug and Kyan, get married! LaVaughn was the witness (they only needed one other) and I was the wedding photographer. We almost opted out of going due to how far away it was, but we made it happen by spending the night in a hotel the day before. Definitely one of the most memorable and exciting things ever!
  • Speaking of Doug and Kyan, we got to spend the day with them in September -- we even got to hang at their house for a while! This was a triple threat of exciting days... We got our BFBB boy and Creme Mosaic girl that day! Both were being flown in, which was super stressful. Thankfully my lovely, Doug, drove us to the airport and back twice. I love him.
  • I know this isn't really anything, but we got Una spayed this year and it was incredibly heartbreaking. We have unusual attachments to our cats, so parting with her for 2 days is just too much. At least it's done now -- no more heat cycles!
  • One last awesome thing that happened this year -- I won a photo contest! This wasn't a small contest either, it was a contest held over 4 different Facebook groups with thousands of members! Mind you not everyone entered, but still. It was exciting and something to be proud of.
As you can see, a lot has taken place this year. We've experienced new things, traveled to new places, had extremely exciting things happen in our life. It's been a good year. Of course, there's always bad things that happen in a year, always, but for the most part it was good. I don't want to say anything that will jinx 2016, so I'm going to leave it at that.

Now it's the time we've all been waiting for! What exactly DID I accomplish on my bucket list this year?? I kept my Bucket List fairly simple this year, so my accomplishments are small

What I accomplished:
  • Starting my photography business. Yes, I said it! I am now the proud owner of Megan Pritchett Photography! Before you get too excited for me, it's just in the beginning stage. I'm still putting together my portfolio, but hey, at least I have it, right? I even got to do my first OFFICIAL photoshoot this year! It wasn't a paid shoot, considering they're basically family, but it was a shoot all the same. I also have a few other small shoots, plus Doug and Kyan's wedding -- which was amazing! So I guess it's safe to say I did partially accomplish this. I wanted to start my photography business and I did just that. Yay me!
  • Buying a prime lens. I was lucky enough to be able to do this in late June. I haven't set it down since I picked it up out of the package. My 50mm 1.8g is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
  • Using my camera in full manual. Check! I honestly don't remember the last time I used auto? It was back in January sometime. I've finally grasped the basics of my cameras setting and can now use them all to my advantage. Whoop whoop!
  • Project 365. I can say this with honor... I DID IT!! I took a picture every single day this year! Some were on my phone, some were of something horrid as a worst case thing, hell, some were even of me! But hey, a picture is a picture and I took one every single day this year. And because of that, I feel unbelievably accomplished. Now I just need to get them all uploaded before midnight! 
What I didn't accomplish:
  • Traveling. I set the bar low when I said I wanted to go to the zoo this year, which didn't happen. When we hung out with Doug and Kyan all day we did drive past the zoo. I saw the sign and everything! I know that doesn't count, so I can't check going to the zoo off of my list.
I think 4 out of 5 is pretty damn good, wouldn't you agree? I didn't have outrageous things to accomplish, but they were all things that I wanted to do and luckily, I was able to do 90% of them.

Now, what you've all been waiting for. What exactly IS on my Bucket List for 2016?
  • Photography. Of course I would start with that! I want to actually get paid o 2016 for doing what I love. I just need a few more shoots for my portfolio before I can start advertising my services. This is the front runner for everything that I want to accomplish in the coming year.
  • Buy a new (better) camera body. Possibly a new lens, but I'm perfectly content with my 50 for now. My camera body is having shutter issues, so I really need to replace or upgrade before I start doing anything on a super professional level.
  • The Walking Dead Comics. I want to own an read ALL of the volumes! I have volume 1-8 and I've read 1-6. I know it's a silly thing to want, but I really want to own them all and be completely caught up on everything that Kirkman has written. Reading these comics has become a passion of mine, something I look forward to every day. It's something small and hopefully something I can accomplish.
  • Project 365. You heard it here first! I've struggled to take dynamic and professional pictures this year, but I've taken a picture every day. It's something I'm used to now and something I'm not ready to give up yet. Here's to Project 365 2016! 
  • I know this will probably be another fail, but I still want to travel. I honestly don't care where I go at this point, I'm just leaving it open. I want to go to the zoo, still, so let hope that actually happens this year.
  • I'm going to be brave with the last item on my list... get a tattoo! I don't have one, I've always wanted one, so I'd really like to make it happen this year. LaVaughn and I have always wanted to go in together and get a tattoo. I think 2016 will most definitely be that year.
So there you have it, folks. That's my 2016 Bucket List. I just wonder how much of this I'll have accomplished this time next year. Only time will tell.

I raise my glass to you, 2015. You've been good, a little sad at times -- hell, there was even a couple time that I wanted to throw in the towel for good. Somehow you allowed me to prevail and for that, my hat is off to you.

Here's to 2016 and all the good that is has to offer!

Happy New Year, everyone!


The 3 hour juice cleanse...

Ever heard of the 3 hour juice cleanse? That probably because there's no such thing. A couple weeks ago LaVaughn looked into a 7 day cleanse -- 2 day of only juice... Yikes! Well she talked my aunt into doing it with her, so my aunt bought loads of fruits and veggies today to kick-start their cleanse. My aunt only had one small cup of coffee this morning (you're not supposed to have any!) and two classes of juice.

LaVaughn gave her the rundown of what she could have with dinner, which was baked salmon and either brussels sprouts or broccoli. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. By the time LaVaughn and I woke up, we opted out of our "morning" coffee and instead had a juice blend of oranges, bananas, strawberries, and pomegranate. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well it wasn't, it tasted like crap.

This was at nearly 3.

We both showered and headed to town shortly after for LaVaughn's 5:30 nail salon appointment. We got there at 5ish and they took her in around 5:20. The lady didn't get finished with her for over an hour! That's really the only bad thing I can say, though, she did an awesome job! LaVaughn's nails look amazing!

By the time we left, we were craving limeades and Chinese food -- neither of which we could have. We stopped by Walmart for a minute, then headed to the grocery store to grab some more things for our cleanse. It was there that we decided to opt out of this foolishness and instead of doing the cleanse, just adding juice drinks to our every day diet. It's nearly impossible to do anything healthy in our town. You try finding Swiss chard and kale in a town with a population of less than 1500.

We ended our journey by stopping at Sonic and getting a limeade. Since my poor aunt had to suffer through her day, we decided to pass on Chinese and go home to salmon, which is what we just devoured. Alone with a salad and cottage cheese.

For those of you that have the willpower to juice and go on these week long cleanses, my hat is off to you. For those that are weak and crave nothing more than the salted sweets that are heavily carbed, come join the force, cause we're a force to be reckoned with.

Love & Peace


Pictures from the past two days:

Best truffles ever!

So empty without the tree.

Pics from today:

Completely failed to mention that all of our Joann fleece arrived today.

Adorable stuff, but too much pink.

Cup full of fruit.

Check out those babies!

Here's all the new fleece we got:

The first juice of the day -- also the worst.

Pics from the nail salon:

So.. Many.. Colors!!

Those talons!

I hate this picture of myself, but I was totally rocking my new sweater today. And leggings and boots.

The finished product.

That design is AMAZING! Can you believe she did this by hand??

Our total at Walmart. O.o

Holiday Recap - 2015 Edition...

Wow, this is all so new to me! It's been two weeks since my last blog and I have to say, I've kind of enjoyed the absence. It was so nice to not worry about blogging every single night between whatever it is that I had to do. Now when my normal blog time arrives, I take a shower and read, simple as that. It's just a nice time for me to escape, I love it.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss it just a tiny bit. After all, I've been doing this for over 7 years now! It's become part of who I am.

I left off on the 14th, which was two Mondays ago. I worked the following Tuesday, then LaVaughn had an early mini birthday celebration for me on Wednesday night. Nothing fancy, just her giving me my gifts. She did so well -- she got me Vol. 4 of The Walking Dead, a slouch hat and scarf, and some Loreal mascara that I've been wanting for quite some time.

The following day I had to go to town and get my license renewed, not fun! The lady that I had was such a dick. My picture turned out horrible -- it looks like a mugshot! At least I'm good for another 6 years. We went to Poplar bluff that evening as well. It was one of the best days out I've had in a while. We didn't do much, but it was so much fun.

Friday I sewed, Saturday I worked then Sunday rolled around. Oh what a day! Not only was it my birthday, but it was the day my aunt and uncle were getting baptized. I've been anticipating this day for weeks. We had to go to bed early Saturday night and be up no later than 10. We both ended up waking up at like 9:30, so it's whatever. We went to church that morning, watched them get baptized, then we headed to Poplar Bluff, which was a horribly wasted trip! So weird and just not fun. I think sleep deprivation had something to do with it.

My aunt and uncle wanted us to go to church that evening as well if we made it back in time. We made it back by 5:30, but I so didn't feel like going. LaVaughn ended up going, I stayed home, fed the gliders, and read some of The Walking Dead. I was alone for over 2 hours -- not fun. When that was over my aunt wanted to present my cake to me, which she did.

Overall is was an okay, but weird day. It didn't even remotely seem like my birthday (not that I cared), it was kind of just an afterthought. I was so unbelievably happy when Monday rolled around.

Monday was spent doing some last minute Christmas shopping for everyone. Tuesday I sewed, then we visited with Angie's mom and son -- they delivered my birthday gift from Angie, plus loads of baked goods. We also got like 5 packages in the mail, which was awesome. We got comics, LaVaughn's hair applicator thing, Orange is the New Black season one and two on bluray, and our Paypal business card, which we were approved for, yay!

Nothing happened Wednesday and Thursday afternoon was spent prepping food for Christmas dinner the following day. Judy and Bob arrived around 3ish, which was so unbelievably awkward. Bob was in such a sour mood, he basically ruined the day. After I finished cleaning the rat cage, drop trays and vacuuming the glider room, we all sat around the table and talked (excluding silent Bob). We started opening presents around 6:30, then retired to our den with all of our goodies for the rest of the night.

Not bragging, but I got a lot of awesome things. Aside from movies and clothes, my favorite items were: wireless blutooth speaker, Walking Dead comics, the Jelly Pop boots I wanted, and an awesome Burt Bees set.

Christmas day was so, so, so weird. LaVaughn and I arrived shortly after everyone ate -- just in time to see Judy and Bob get into a fight because apparently Bob is a 10 year old girl. Can you believe he got mad because no one commented on his new shirt that he was wearing?! I'm so not going into it, but get the majority of what happened. LaVaughn and I ate, then our aunt Nancy and cousin Trina stopped by with Trina's new baby, Jett. That's a can of worms that I do not want to open on my blog. It's just too messy.

I worked Saturday and Sunday, which I hated and here we are today. LaVaughn and I just got back from town a little while ago where we made bank at the store with their half priced Christmas items. Next years theme for the tree is going to be blue and silver! It's going to be amazing! Pics are at the bottom, which hundreds of others from the past couple weeks. Well, I may just upload a hand full instead of THAT many, not sure yet.

So that's a recap of my wildly interesting holiday season this year. I hope yours was as plentiful and entertaining as mine...

Love & Peace


Pics from Tues the 15th to Fri the 18th:

Taking pictures on my break at work.

Love the cards hanging by the garland.

Out of focus Christmas Tree picture for the win!

My birthday goodies from LaVaughn.

Driving to Poplar Bluff.

Lap cat.

Charli and Tyler.

They're too cute.

Cats love boxes.

Pictures from Sunday the 20th:

My uncle, Gene.

My aunt, Sharon.

Gift bags full of snacks.

The preacher, Steve.

Gene and his buddy, Steve, that drove over from Cape.

This is Verle, one of my favorite people at church.

This kid sung a song he wrote himself.





The family of singers.

After their baptism.

Getting hugged by everyone.

My birthday cake.

And lastly, my awesome new Batman earrings that I adore.

Pictures from Monday the 21st to Wed the 23rd:

Chloe and her brood.

Plus her soon to be OOP babies.

More gifts!

Packages in the mail - best thing ever!

The cage set I sewed.

Milla's mini-Christmas session.

One of the last shots of the tree.

The door frame.


The other door frame.

Balls on the tree.

All the gifts. Well, some of them.

The triplets.

Paypal debit card!

A cookie Rose made me -- Angie's daughter.

Orange Is The New Black season 1 and 2 on bluray.

Walking Dead lighters.

A cross necklace of my grandpas that my aunt gave me.

The tree and presents.

A mini Ginny and Oliver Session-

Pictures from Christmas Eve:

Bart is a house favorite.

Just look at that face though!

Such a flirt.


Say what?

Cleaning all the drop trays.

Cake time!

Judy Carol.

She would kill me is she knew I used her middle name.

As you can tell he's tired of having his picture taken.

Bob wouldn't even look at me... like a prick.

Mmm, caramel!


Here it is, kids.

Chocolate turtle cake.

A clean rat cage is a happy rat cage.

My Walking Dead comics. LOVE THEM!

Shoqbox wireless speaker.

Burt's Bees set.

Assassins Creed Unity.

My new Batman pants and my new socks.

And lastly, my Jurassic Park shirt.

Pictures from Christmas:

The tree is so bare.

Time for baby cuteness-

My aunt, Nancy.

My cousin, Trina.

This picture is priceless.

Look at that face!

Such a sweet faced boy.

He was totally eyeballing me while I was holding him.

And lastly, the gliders Xmas feast.

Now, pictures from the weekend and today:

Nosy Norman.

Poor Chloe is so huge.

Rainy drive to work Saturday.

Such a foggy day Saturday.

Is this not something out of a horror movie?

Canned... BOLOGNA??

My avengers pants. Woop woop!

And Sunday was no better.

Our half priced Christmas finds from today-

Blue and silver snowflakes!!

Gorgeous silver tinsel garland.

Blue and silver balls.

More balls -- love them all!

Look at that TRUE PLATINUM MOSAIC!!!!!

And lastly, The Sims 4 Get Together!