Southeast Missouri Snowstorm 2021

 What a week it's been! So while LaVaughn and I were in Perryville for work over the weekend, the artic decided to send a little of it's unwanted snow our way. I knew it was supposed to snow, but I had NO idea we were supposed to get the amount that we got. There were flurries Saturday night, then Sunday rolled around and it really started coming down. By the time I got up Monday, I knew there was no way we were making it home. 

I think, at the time, Perryville had 8+ inches and it was still snowing. The road department would come by and clear the roads off and the wind gusts filled with snow would cover them right back up. It was a never ending cycle that didn't stop until well after 7pm Monday night. I'm a homebody, so being snowed in away from home was really stressing me out.

Thank the good lord we were able to make it home Tuesday. It was a rough trek, don't get me wrong, but it could've been far worse. Most of the main highways were cleared off, but all the side roads and rural roads were still covered. Our road was in horrible shape, but we were lucky enough to get the car home.

Since it's been snowing off and on since Monday and temperatures close to 0 degrees (wind chill was below 0), it's safe to say I've stayed indoors the majority of the time. I did brave the elements today and go outside for some snowy pics. I nearly froze to death, but at least I have photo evidence. 

I kinda went a little nuts and took like 100+ pictures, but that's what I do, lol. I think I have 30 or so to share. Hope you enjoy!

Snowy fence.

Check out that giant ice cycle!

Amazing puppy portrait.

The cutest Boxador ever.

Snow ball on snow.

Nice little snowy landscape. I love the landscape capabilities of the 40mm.

Snowy leaf.

See how deep the snow is?

Our frozen chicken coop.

Snowy driveway.

Snow when it's just fallen is so pure and beautiful.

Megan Pritchett Photography

 I was thinking to myself earlier about how I tag all my photos anymore with Megan Pritchett Photography. It never really occurred to me that if people see some of my tagged photos some place else on the net, they're not gonna know what site they came from. I honestly should've tagged them with my blog address, but it didn't really look very good when I tried it, that when I decided to use my name.

I have an old, inactive Instagram account by the same name, so it may take people there. I also have a Facebook Business Page with the same name and a website with the same name. Those are all on the business end of my photography and not the blogging. I would prefer to get traffic here as opposed to there, so I thought maybe making a post with the above title would do the trick.

I shared all of my old photoshoots in a previous post, but I didn't get to share the one that I did with my 85mm. I mean, it's the only one that I've done, but COVID is still a thing, so it's not like I'm out there trying to hang out with people and take their pictures. 

I actually did this photoshoot for a co-worker when I was still working at my old job last year. I wasn't as paranoid as I am now about the virus, so I didn't mind taking photos of her kids for her. I mean, we worked together all the time, so it wasn't anything new. Now I don't step foot anywhere outside my house without double-masking.

Anyways, I don't want to distract myself. So here are some photos of Megan's kids, Brandi and David. They're super adorable and super sweet kids that were a blast to photograph. Not to mention, they were my first 85mm test subjects, so these are some truly special photos to me.

Adorable sibling love.

This is probably my favorite, so I'm gonna add Megan Pritchett Photography under it. :)

Cutest little smiling baby. I absolutely love the creamy bokeh of the 85mm Nikon.

Sweet candid family shot. This is why I love family photography.

Southeast Missouri photography in a picture.

He's such a sweet little guy.

Brandi is a doll too.

Missouri Ice Storm of 2021

 So anyone in and around my area knows just how nasty the weather got last week. It started Sunday before last and got even worse early Monday. Since I travel for work now, I was SO scared that we were gonna get stuck. Thank the good lord we made it home safe and sound. It wasn't without difficulty - it was sleeting about 85% of the time we were driving home.

Thankfully it hadn't done too much in our neck of the woods, but it did get really bad Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Wednesday, after the sleet and freezing rain stopped, I ventured outside to take some photos. It was super cold so I didn't stay out that long, just long enough to take a few pics here and there. 

I guess that's all for now. Here are some pics of the ice storm from last week.

It looks like snow, but this was legit ice. There was a little snow mixed in I think.

I'd like to add that I took this with the 40mm macro lens and I think they turned out pretty decent. Definitely some nice landscape capabilities with this lens.

Our Christmas bells hanging on the fence.

More snowy/icy fence.

Our big ice and snow covered tree.

Gotta play with some macro shots.

More snowy landscape.

This fallen tree has been there for years. Almost reminds me of something north of the wall.

Our icy covered road.

I do love how pretty our driveway looks covered in snow... ice in the case.

More landscape fun with the 40mm.

Watch out, I'm starting to get artistic, lol.

Ice covered gravel.

More macro attempts.

More snow covered road.

Gigantic snow covered tree.