Holiday joey pics!

I tried to take some decent pictures of the joeys in front of the tree, but it was such a massive fail. I tried with the tree lights on first, which was a bad idea. The rest are with the lights off and just kind of okay looking. Nothing I'm super proud of, but it's whatever.

You know, I didn't take into consideration that all of the joeys are over 8 weeks old now. I usually stop taking new pics around 7 or 8 weeks because most of the time the joeys become too wild -- especially outside, that's a BIG no. I took quite a few pics, but I'm only sharing a couple of my absolute favorites to spare myself from having to upload dozens of pictures.

I also have a few extra pics of Zoe at the bottom for your enjoyment. Hope you enjoy!







And now for Zoe:

Prepare yourselves -- TIS the season!

So I've taken 80 photos today of the lights all throughout the house. I've kind of slacked off on the photo taking as of late. I go some weeks without taking a single picture on my camera. Now I typically take at least one picture on my phone, but dragging the camera out takes something really special -- like Christmas lights.

I'm not as into it or as creative this year, so these pictures have nothing on last years hundreds of Christmas light pictures, so don't get too hyped. But I did feel I needed to take some and hopefully this will even motivate me to take even more.

I must warn you, there's an over abundance of pictures of the Christmas tree. I'm obsessed, I can't help it. Just thought you might want to prepare yourself. Enjoy!

Lights and decorations throughout the house:

Had to sneak a tree in there.

Tree pics:

More throughout the house:

Another tree pic.

Look how the blue lights illuminate the entire room!

I'm kind of obsessed with this too.