Attack of the Ladybugs!!

If they ever wanted to film a movie titled, "Attack of the Ladybugs", they could so do it at our house. And the thing is, I don't know how the bastards are getting in! Since it gets so cold here during the winter months, we always make sure to reinforce our windows -- which we've done -- so I honestly have no idea how the bastards are getting in!

I thought we get rid of them all yesterday and the day before, but boy was I wrong. Nothing kills them, nothing. I don't like spraying anything harsh like bug spray, considering we have a house full of animals, so anything we spray has to be semi-natural. The only type of spray that works is our Glade Hawaiian Breeze air fresh. I hate being to crude, but it's fascinating how it stops them mid flight. I don't know why I feel bad, it's not like it kills them!

I must admit, I take pleasure in sucking them up with the vacuum. I know, something like that shouldn't appease me, but it does.

Now lets move on to sewing. Finally today was a productive day and we managed to sew! Not one set, but two! Both sets that needed to be sewn were sewn! I couldn't be happier abut it! Now comes the mood breaker... neither of the ladies that wanted the set paid today, so they STILL wont be sent out tomorrow. Oh well, we wont be sewing at all tomorrow anyways. It's Halloween, after all, we have lots of fun and exciting Halloween things planned... eating candy and watching horror movies.

Not only were we productive enough to get cage sets sewn, but I was productive enough to not only clean the litter box, but the rat cage too! We're talking cleaning, washing, scrubbing, putting new cage sets in and everything! I was proud. I've been a lazy bum the past few weeks. Of course we've cleaned the rat cage in the past few weeks, that would just be heinous!

After all that was said and done, LaVaughn and I decided to get our weekly shopping out of the way. We were out of the necessities, such as; soap, toilet paper, tooth paste, cat food, dog food, glider food, and then some. And of course, Halloween candy!!

We probably went a bit overboard with the Halloween candy, but we wanted to get what we could while we could. And by overboard, I mean like $15, nothing huge or anything. We also bought a couple Halloween themed candy bowels. A big black one for ourselves, and this adorable little green one for our aunt. It's like automatic that we split things with her, cause she does the same for us. So as soon as we got home, we fixed her candy bowel up and then headed over to her house for a while. She was pleased.

Lets see... am I missing anything? Oh yeah! You remember the fleece that we ordered from a week ago? Well every day that I check the site, it says "processing". Since I was getting annoyed by that status, I decided to contact them today and ask just how long it's going to be "processing". Their response... nothing. But you know what, not 2 hours later we get an email saying our fleece shipped!! Ha! It's like they completely forgot about our order and just thought to ship everything when I reminded them. We're supposedly getting everything Friday, so we'll see.

Oh, I almost forgot. I called and scheduled Kyro's neuter for next Monday. I'm so freaking nervous about it. We've never taken a joey as young or as small as him in, so I'm like freaking out! We had such good luck with Pip, I'm afraid things are going to go horribly wrong. And to top it off, he and his sister will be leaving not long after! It's going to be a rough week.

Okay my lovelies, I believe I'm going to call it a day. Until next time...

Love & Peace


The cage sets:

I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so I went with both!

Freaking love this zombie fleece!

As I ponder, weak and weary...

I decided to go with a Poe title, simply because it's dark and dreary out. Oh, and RAINY! Seriously, ever since 11:00 this morning, it's been raining. I'm assuming it started raining before then, but I was completely unconscious before 11. I was only at myself for a few minutes at when I heard the downpour. I don't think it slacked off once until 3ish.


I ended up not going to work today for reasons I don't care to discuss at the moment. You just never know who's reading my blog! Even though I highly doubt someone I know from this state is reading this at the moment. I guess everything worked out for the best. I don't feel at the top of my game today and have one of those annoying headaches that I can't seem to shake.

I think my headache is the main reason I didn't want to sew today, even though we needed to sew so badly. Here I go with that procrastination we all know and love.  At least we were able to cut everything out that needed to be cut. So when tomorrow rolls around, it's on like Donkey Kong!

Bart is so not making it easy for me to type. He's insisting on sitting on my shoulder and/or in my arms, leaving me only one hand to type with. Note to self; never put Bart in the bathroom (he was getting picked on outside) when I'm planing on blogging. And yes, I'm blogging in the bathroom, but that's beside the point.

Okay, so I like to blog in the bathroom. It's not my fault that it's my quite room with absolutely no distractions. Minus the dripping faucet... sigh.

Aside from the absolutely boring and wet day, we did manage to carry some of our little fur monsters around. We try to focus mainly on the joeys at this point, but we couldn't help but carry some of the older babies around as well. We decided to go with Chloe and Boone, mainly because Boone needs more of our attention (we're still working on his crabbiness). And not to mention, Chloe is harboring two glorious little ones. I carried Avon around because he's going to be leaving in a couple weeks and I want to get as much one-on-one time in with him while I still can. And, of course, the three little ones.

Not to worry, I managed to get a couple pictures of them as well. Nothing like last time, but enough to suffice. We'll have different pairs on us tomorrow. I'm thinking Sadie and Pip for myself, LaVaughn will probably go with Kira and Logan. Okay, rambling. Who cares who we'll be carrying tomorrow! Ugh... I think this headache is starting to toy with me!

Since staring at the computer screen isn't helping me at all, I believe I'm going to call it a day. Until next time...

Love & Peace




Hadley & Kyro

Chloe & Boone

The sting that keeps on giving...

LaVaughn and I finally forced ourselves to make the journey to Ironton -- the creepiest little town in Missouri -- to get our flu shots. No joke, there's something wrong with that place and all it's inhabitants.

For example, after we finished with our flu shots, we stopped at the gas station at the end of town for gas, obviously, and a soda. And right there in the front stood a woman, a little on the hefty side and probably in her mid 40s, just shouting at the top of her lungs at the poor kids she had trapped in the backseat! What she said slips my mind, but it was something silly. Something like, "This is the last time I'm going to bring you kids out to do bla, bla, bla!" Like I said, I don't really remember, but that gives you an idea.

I was so happy to leave after that. Driving through that place on my way to work is bad enough, but stopping and actually having to interact with everyone there is just, wow!

Anyways, when we returned home... wait a second! I forgot to mention the ladybugs!!

When I woke up today and made my way to the kitchen, there they were, like locusts! They had gathered all around the light fixture and kitchen windows trying to find as much heat as possible! Then when I took Milla outside, there were more! Dozens, if not hundreds! I had to bat and swipe my way through them! They were on my neck, my legs, in my hair! It was a nightmare! I swear, it was like I was in a horror movie called, "Attack of the Ladybugs".

Not long after that, I got our handy little bottle of Ortho Home Defense Max and sprayed the piss out of them, I also barricaded the doors and windows. After that, I went back to the kitchen, shop vac in hand, and vacuumed them all up. When LaVaughn heard the noise, she joined me in ridding ourselves of the infestation.

Okay, back to when we arrived...

The lighting was so beautiful and the weather was pretty much perfect, I just had to stay outside for a while and take some photos. And since I had let the yard fowl out before we left, they were skirmishing about and made for some pretty good subjects!

I was kind of shocked when I looked up towards the lake and saw THEM!! And by "them" I mean our dick head geese that ran off to the lake the first chance they got. Part of me wanted to chase them down and strangle their beautiful long necks, then the other part of me wanted to gaze at their beauty and how free they must have felt. Bastards...

Seriously, they we're in the perfect spot for angelic pictures. They were standing on a hill with the sun setting behind them among Shire green grass. Seriously awesome. LaVaughn and I both had to get in on that action, lol.

After I finished frolicking around the yard, LaVaughn and I made some coffee and started cutting some fleece. Since our phone and internet was out at the time, we were only able to cut one set out that we for sure knew about. The other one had very specific measurements, which we didn't have written down. So we'll save that for tomorrow. Then sewing tomorrow, lots and lots of sewing!

And no, I'm not working tomorrow. I'll explain when the time comes. Until then...

Love & Peace


Here are the photos from today...

This was taken on the drive back from Ironton. Absolutely no pictures were taken on the way there, or while we were there. Thanks a lot, LaVaughn!

Our geese!! They are so rarely photographed!!

This stunning beauty is one of our youngest roosters. You remember the batch of chicks that our aunt got for us, the supposed RIR's? This is one of them! :)

She was also in that bunch.

As well as these two.

Here's fat nosed Toby. He seriously has such a cute nose.

One of our older roosters, Donnie.

The fowl frolicking about.

This is 1/2 of our outdoor cat army, lol.

Toby giving his mama Lucy some love. They are so cute together.

See how beautiful he is!? He needs a fitting name.

Love the multiple colors throughout his feathers.

Love her.

They are seriously too cute together.

The lighting was SO beautiful, it made for great pictures of them. 

It doesn't hurt that our yard was super green today.

And come on, does that not look like the Shire? Lol.

I'm still mad at them...

But they're still pretty.

Bastard ladybugs! Death to you all!!

Proof of my flu shot. And here I was thinking I would get a more colorful band-aide. Guess not. ;)

This is the only Barred Rock/Plymouth Rock hen that we got out of the 4 chicks.

She's so cute. She looks like a stereotypical hen you would see in a movie.

Gotta love Mr. Friendly.

And Lilith.

And of course, Harley isn't far behind.

Turkeys have the prettiest eyes ever!

A very rare shot of Lucy's face.

She doesn't like the camera, I suppose. And she loves laying by the shed. This is where she always is. 

Geese on the horizon! 

These are seriously beautiful pictures (which LaVaughn took). :)

And here's my shot at them, lol. Looks more like apocalypse geese!

Still pretty cute, though.

A couple more...

And one last picture for the day. This one is probably my favorite. I love how you can see all the little specks of bugs around them. So pretty. 

The one, and only, cage set that we cut out.

And YES! Once Upon A Time arrived! They shipped SO fast! Can't wait to tear into these bad boys and watch them all over again. I know, I'm pathetic...