The girl who kicked the thrift store...

Normally I would be at work right now, but I had a bit of a ((blowout)) and was unable to go. Take that as you will, I don't plan on going into details about it.

I had to get up a bit earlier today so that I could drive my aunt into Piedmont so that she could pick her truck up at the shop. I fee so bad for her, she had to pay nearly $1000 for repairs -- which weren't THAT bad! That's the way it goes when you live in a small town. They know you'll pay it, cause they're the only ones that can fix it.

After we dropped her off at the shop, we ran to the store to get some supplies for little Jasper. We needed some cotton swabs, saline nose drops, and a few other things that a required for hand raising a sick kitty. We're hoping that we can mask the symptoms of his URI until we can get him to the vet.

Speaking of, we managed to catch another kitten today! This one is a great weight, but definitely needs her eyes cleaned and some TLC.

On our way home -- since it was just after noon -- we decided to swing by the St. Catherine's thrift store. My aunt stops by there all the time and always gushes about the good sales they have. Mainly in the book department, but in others as well.

We couldn't have stopped by at a better time, because they were having a 5 of $1 sale on their books!! Close to 20 minutes and $3.50 later, we left with 17 books in our greedy hands. Just a preview: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest, Scarlet, Angels and Demons, and then some! Killer finds!

Our uncle stopped by later in the afternoon -- right in the middle of us cleaning -- to look through some old pictures, in hopes of finding a particular one. He's the husband of my late aunt Eva, the one who passed away at the end of last year. Unfortunately, he didn't find the picture he was looking for, but I'm going to keep my eye out for it.

After he left, we continued our cleaning/reorganizing of the glider/spare room. We completely moved things around in there and now have ALL of the cages on one wall! It's so nice! It seems less cluttered and like we have so much more room. I'm not sure why, but it makes the room look taller as well, which is never a bad thing.

My body aches from moving everything around. We also had to carry our 6th and first HQ cage all the way across the yard to clean in. It wasn't being used, so it was being stored. It's nice and clean and completely inhabited.

Love & Peace


All our awesome books.

My uncle's dog, Chico. Believe it or not, he's 15!!

My uncle.

Enjoying some outside adventures.

Check out our awesome row of cages!

They look so much better now.

Now we just need to swap out cage sets!

There's always one...

Yesterday is a complete blur to me. Seriously, I don't remember anything that took place, other than riding to town with my aunt to see if her truck was ready (which is wasn't). I do know that they're going to rob her of an additional $400 on top of the $400 she already paid. What dicks. Why is it that shops always find SOMEthing else wrong with someone's vehicle?

Anyways, today when LaVaughn and I were outside, we noticed one of the wildlings (Lily's) kittens off by itself. Of course, our first instinct was to chase the kitten down, hold it, kiss it, and so on. Believe it or not, there was no chasing required and the little one came up to us in it's own accord.

The poor little guy has a nasty eye infection, more than likely it's an URI -- meaning the other 4 kittens have it as well. It's a nasty and contagious, so a vet trip will be required Monday. I'm hoping the vet will just give us some antibiotics without having to drag all the kittens up there, if we could even catch them all. We're treating the symptoms as best as possible right now, which started by moving this little guy indoors.

He's definitely the smallest kitten of the litter, weighing in at just 11.6 ounces, he's most definitely the runt. A kitten his age (3 days shy of 6 weeks) should be 1 1/2 pounds, if not a little more.

He's such a small and pitiful little guy, he just brings tears to my eyes. We've decided to name him Jasper, which seems fitting. After we cleaned his eyes, put some sugar water in them (it works wonders for eye irritations), we fed him some Sheba and moved him into a nice size box out in our spare room off from the garage. Unfortunately, he can't stay in the house due to how contagious URIs are. We definitely don't want Una or Zoe getting this.

I'm just hoping for a speedy recovery. Keep your fingers crossed that the other kittens aren't as bad!

Love & Peace


Here's little Jasper:

Random shot of Toby:

See his poor little eyes... sad face.

Another shot of the Tobes:

Toby's close up:

He's so pretty.

Apparently he things I can't see him.

And lastly, a huge difference in chicken egg size:

Oh the jubilation of living in a small town...

We had to meet my aunt in Piedmont today so that she could drop her truck off and we could give her a ride home. This is something we've had to do through the years, so it's like clockwork. We ended up missing each other a couple different times and lost about 45 minutes in the process. Yeah, so not going into details about that horrible ordeal. Mixed emotions were had about the incident, but everyone was chill in the end.

While we were waiting, we had the misfortune of witnessing a local from Piedmont. Said person had on, now wait for it... a pink hat, blue shirt, and RED pants! I was about to freak out, lol. I mean, who pairs colors like that? To each their own, but wow.

We got home in just enough time to go down to the chicken coop and feed the ducklings some noodles. They LOVE noodles, it's like duck-crack or something. I can't imagine how they'll react when they get to try mealies for the first time. I'm hoping the rest of the flock will take to them okay, cause it's really starting to be a pain moving them in and our of their cage inside the coop. Oh how I long for the days they can live in harmony.

Omg, how have I not mentioned this yet!?!? LaVaughn bought me The Hobbit!!! It's the leather bound pocket edition that I feel in love with in the store. It arrived in the mail yesterday -- I don't think I've put it down since, lol. I am, however, scared to touch it too much. I'm worried that something will get on it, or I'll crinkle a page.

I suppose that's all. I imagine if there was anymore excitement I would have shared it by now. Until next time...

Love & Peace


Here's the one of a kind outfir:

A dung butterfly:

The ducklings:

The Hobbit:


Your friendly neighborhood opossum:

He loves Casey's cookies.

See it gripped in his greedy hands?

"Nom, nom, nom!"

And Toby: