Crazy cat lady...

So, surprisingly enough I still feel pretty decent today. I'm tired, that much I'll say, but that due to the fact that LaVaughn and I just got back from Mine Fort a little while ago. We went there earlier with my aunt and uncle for a little swim. We ended up staying well over an hour, so it was a semi decent day for swimming.

Man, last night in PB was eventful! First off, we knew my uncle was going to be there, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to go. We were going to stop by and see him at his truck, grab him some food and snacks and head on our way. Long story short, he ended up hitching a ride home with us while his semi was being worked on.

Well, after we found out that he was going to be riding back with us, we finished up in town and headed to Dairy Queen for a Moo Latte. Silly me, I thought going inside would be SO much quicker than waiting in line -- we always wait at least 8 minutes up there. Well, I go inside, only to find that they're just as packed in there. I basically spend the same duration inside as I would have out in the drive thru. Only I got to stand in the creepy, smelly store among a bunch of people. Fun!

After that, we headed across the street to Taco Bell, only to find 6 cars in line. I had no intentions of going inside, so I pulled up to wait it out. Well 2 cars in front of us ended up pulling out (no pun intended) and it wasn't until we got to the speaker that we realized why. Apparently something had gone awry inside and it was going to be a 10 minute wait. Since we were desperate for tacos, we decided to wait it out.

Here's where the real fun begins! When we made it up to the window, I paid and was waiting patiently at the window. Out of nowhere, LaVaughn and I both felt a big shift in the car! I was in park, so I know it wasn't anything I did -- it was something worse, much worse! We had been rear-ended! LaVaughn hopped out, as well as the lady that hit us, and inspected the car. LaVaughn didn't see any dings or dents, so we got back in the car. We got our food a couple seconds later and pulled over in the parking lot to get a better look at the car. That's when I noticed a nice sized dent until the license plate.

Long story short again, the lady pulled over to talk, it was no big deal and everyone went their separate ways. We picked my uncle up shortly after that and headed home.

Of course, we went to Petsway before all of this happened, then we spent over an hour in Hastings where we ended up leaving with 3 movies; The Lazarus Effect, The Girl With The Dragon Tatto, and The Runaways. Not a bad haul.

I guess that about sums up the day, and most of yesterday. I don't have to work tomorrow, which is weird because I always work Saturdays. As of right now I have no plans, I guess tomorrow will tell. Until then...

Love & Peace


Now for an unhealthy amount of cat pictures:

Miss Cersei



Spider interlude.






Not sure why this is sideways.

More Cersei because she's the best subject:

And now for Fletcher and Max:

Can't forget Zoe and Una: