Happy Easter!

I didn't have time to blog about yesterdays dinner, I was too busy stuffing my face with turkey and cauliflower salad - my favorite! It was a very, very low key dinner with absolutely nothing exciting going on. I didn't even take any pictures! Wait, I did take a picture of my aunt and uncle smoking a pipe, so random! I also got a picture of some beautifully decorated cupcakes that my aunt made, but that's it!

The most exciting thing about yesterday was our Easter photoshoot of the joeys!! We put some green fleece in our light box with some jumbo plastic Easter eggs and freshly cut Easter Lillies. Adorable! The joeys were fairly cooperative, but you know how that goes. I was only able to get one picture of Nala actually *looking* at the camera, but that's all. The rest were of them sleeping in the eggs. Still precious, though.

We contemplated taking pictures of all the adult gliders in our Easter scene as well, but decided against it after we did a test run with Violet. She didn't spaz out or anything, but she just sat there, shocked and terrified. I think it might have been the bright lights. I did manage to nab one really, really cute picture of her though, but that was it.

Even though today is Easter, it doesn't even feel remotely festive. We had chili for dinner and are getting ready to watch the season 3 finally of The Walking Dead. Nope, not Easterish at all, lol.

We normally have our annual Easter Zombiethon, but decided against it this year and replaced it with The Walking Dead marathon. In a way, it's still a Zombiethon I suppose.

Okay, I suppose I'm going to call it quits for now. Happy East to all, and to all a good night!

Love & Peace


Probably some of the most random pictures ever:

Two old pipe smokers, lol.

Easter colored cupcakes that Miss Sharon made.

Now for the sugar glider joeys' Easter photoshoot!

Our failed attempt at photographing the adults with the Easter background:

Violet is just so beautiful!! <3 p="">