More Southeast Missouri Photography

I told Shawna (my co-worker) that I would photograph her family for free, as I need photos to add to my portfolio. Since I was still coming down from my cold, I honestly didn't think I would be up to doing this today, but I was and I did.

What I thought would be a family of four turned into a family on nine! Still in shock from the additional members that I had to photograph, I was able to make due and move past my anxiety of photographing large groups.

At the end of the day and 600+ pictures later, I was left with lasting memories and photos that will hopefully bring a smile to their faces...

The gorgeous location:

Pimp my ride...

So, I had the pleasure of photographing my uncle's new Kenworth Legacy Sleeper yesterday. This truck is MASSIVE and absolutely gorgeous! He's worked so, so hard for this and deserves it more than anyone I know. No one has faith in him and even his so called "friends" have shitty things to say about him and his "tin can" (referring to is Freightliner that he used to drive). People piss me off, which is an everyday thing, but I take it personal when people make jabs towards people I care about.

You mess with them, you mess with me. I'm so thankful I'm not friends with the people that poke fun at him. I'm the type of person that cannot bite their tongue about anything, so it's easy for me to speak my mind. I made some underlying comments on my Facebook post. Not pointing fingers, not naming names, but if said people saw the post, I know they had to know why I said what I did. I'm fine with that.

So anyways, I don't want to rant anymore, I want to share the happiness and excitement that is my uncle's GORGEOUS, well deserved truck. Enjoy!


Kenworth Legacy Sleeper


The Owners

B&W Daryl, only at Walmart!

Completely forgot that I ordered B&W Daryl two weeks ago. He's been sitting under the bar for over a week now. I'm an idiot. But, he is AMAZING!!

Now all I need is Biker Daryl and my inexpensive Walking Dead POP! collection will be complete. After him I'll only need Zombie Merle, Headless Hershel and Poncho Daryl. All of which are $75 and up, so feel free to gift them to me over the holiday season. :D And don't forget, my birthday is on the 20th of December. ;)

Not really, of course. I'm hoping to one day call them my own, but that's going to be far, far in the future. 

Until then, take a look at how awesome B&W Daryl is:

Finally some decent joey pics...

Finally got some decent pictures of the joeys today! I'm so, so pleased with the way they turned out, makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing again. I love taking pictures in the glider room or bedroom because we have these huge floor to ceiling windows that let all kinds of natural light through. And we have thin brown curtains with a sheer cream backing that makes for an amazing backdrop.

Hopefully I can stay caught up and take some more pictures next Monday as well...







Saturday's in the bag...

Ugh... I was right, my cold got worse. Not as severe as my colds normally are, but bad enough to make me miserable at work yesterday and today. Thank god for Shawna, the girl I work with. She's amazing and picked up my slack. Normally I'm constantly on the go, but I feel like I sat on my ass the majority of the day today (and yesterday). Now I can just sit and do nothing for a few days.

I took lots of reinforcements with me yesterday and today. Things like Emergen-C, chamomile tea and plenty of peppermints to help clear my stuffiness. Not much helped, though. Staying overly hydrated seems to be the only thing that helps -- I'll never doubt drinking gallons of water a day again.

I have lost my sense of smell and taste, which is not fun to experience. I lost everything at work today, then had a little glimmer of false hope when I was suddenly able to smell and taste, but only for around 30 minutes. Now it's gone again, and gone it will stay.

Now (hopefully) I just have to not be super ill for the premiere of The Walking Dead tomorrow. If there's one show I love more than the rest, it's TWD.

My "feel better" bag that I've had at work all weekend.

And deny that awesome view, though. Even if I am sick.